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July 3, 2022

Fight of the opinion polls: Geoana or Basescu president

Two opinion polls carried out by different institutions are quite contradictory. CSOP made an opinion poll commissioned by PDL which shows that Traian Basescu is the winner of the second round of the presidential elections. A second opinion poll, performed by INSOMAR over the same period of time, this time commissioned by Realitatea TV, gives Mircea Geoana as winner, according to HotNews.

CSOP opinion poll shows that Basescu (34 per cent) and Geoana (21 per cent) will enter the second round of the presidential elections, while Sorin Oprescu and Crin Antonescu are rated with 13 per cent each. In the second round, the biggest opponent for Basescu would be Oprescu. In the second round for Basescu would vote 55 per cent, and for Geoana 45 per cent. INSOMAR opinion poll says that Basescu would obtain 33.4 per cent and Mircea Geoana 28.5 per cent in the first round of the elections, going together into the second round. A visible change of percentages has Antonescu, who would obtain 14.5 per cent, while Oprescu falls significantly in comparison with CSOP opinion poll, obtaining only 8.1 per cent.

In the second round of the elections president would be Geoana with 50.6 per cent of the votes, while Basescu would obtain 49.4 per cent, according to the opinion poll.

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