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February 8, 2023

Odeon Theatre hosts Israeli Culture Days

Between October 20- 23, the Bucharest Theatre Odeon will host a series of artistic events celebrating Israeli culture.

The first day’s highlight is the performance from Lia Konig, an actress born in Poland, who studied acting in Bucharest and has immigrated in Israel in 1961. She is currently the best known Israeli theatre actress, the most important attraction of Tel Aviv’s Habima Theatre. Performance begins at 7 PM and tickets cost 21,2 RON. On Wednesday, music lovers can listen to a traditional music concert with Emil Aybinder Quartet. Chisinau born musician Aybinder is one of the best-known accordion performers in Israel. The show will focus on traditional Yiddish music from the France, Southern America and Balkan areas. On Thursday, at 7 P.M. the events will kick off with a conference on Israeli theatre sustained by Andrei Strihan, aesthetics professor, followed by the dance show 32 Minuets of Love. The last day of the Bucharest event will conclude with the launch of a theatre compilation book Contemporary Israeli Playwrights and the reading performance Slihot (Forgiveness Day) from Hanna Azoulay-Hasfari. The last day’s events are free of charge.

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