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May 15, 2021

Olympic Romanian boxer caught stealing in Vatican

Former Romanian boxer Daniel Dumitrescu, 41 was arrested by Italian Police while he was attempting to steal from a German tourist in Vatican, ‘Adevarul’ Daily reports. Police sources say Dumitrescu was using a false policeman ID and was working with a 23 year old Romanian accomplice, who was offering to help foreign tourists in Vatican. According to the scheme, Dumitrescu would show up and ask for the tourists’ identification, then running away with their wallets. The two were trialed on emergency procedure by a court in Rome. Daniel Dumitrescu is the recipient of a silver Olympic medal in Seoul in 1988. The Italian papers were quick to write about the incident, especially since, 21 years ago, Dumitrescu was defeated in the Olympic final by an Italian boxer Giovanni Parisi, who was killed this year in March in a car crash.

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