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February 3, 2023

Bucharest- weekend guide

l Village Museum hosts autumn Fair

St. Demeter fair, with folk craftsmen and ensembles, will open during the weekend at “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum. Peasants and folk artists and craftsmen gather on St. Demeter to offer the visitors the fruit of their work: earth pots for minced meat rolled in cabbage leaves, spoons nicely carved in wood, glass and wood icons, musical instruments, decorations made of ceramic, and beads for women, warm fur coats, solid leather belts, but also delicious traditional food for the most demanding gourmets – special hotchpotch, plum marmalade, sausages, cheese, wine in great quantities. They will find also plants with healing virtues: sweet basil, wild thyme, marigold, lavender, crowfoot, milfoil, shepherd’s purse. Visitors are welcome from throughout Sunday, as of 10 AM.

Movies opening on Friday
Surrogates (USA 2009)

Directed by: Jonathan Mostow

With: Bruce Willis, Rosamund Pike, Radha Mitchell

Creating a star-vehicle for Bruce Willis’ comeback, Surrogates explores a future in which humans live in isolation while only communicating with their fellow man through robots that serve as social surrogates and are better-looking versions of their human counterparts. Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent who enlists the aid of his own surrogate to investigate the murder of the genius college student who invented the surrogates. As the case grows more complicated, however, the withdrawn detective discovers that in order to actually catch the killer he will have to venture outside the safety of his own home for the first time in many years in order to track his target down. Opens as of Friday at CinemaPro, Baneasa Drive In Cinema, Cityplex, Hollywood Multiplex, Light Cinema.

Also opening this week

Faut que ça danse! (France, Switzerland 2007)- opens at Patria and Hollywood Multiplex; Largo Winch (France 2008)- opens at Light Cinema; Love Happens (USA 2009) – opens at Cityplex, Hollywood Multiplex, Light Cinema.

Theatre performances

TNB- children’s theatre

The National Children’s Theater from Bucharest reopens the season on Sunday, at 11.00 h, Hall 99 of Bucharest National Theater (TNB), with “Judecata Povestilor” (A Fairytale Trial). A letter received from the world of the tales, signed by many characters, warns us that they refuse to be what they used to be. For example, the letter shows that the wish of the wolf is to not be evil any longer. Reading these, and many others, the Magician (actor Marian Ralea) has analyzed the “sorrow” of each character and thought that even the goat is not as good as she seems, maybe Cinderella has purposely lost her shoe, and the Fairy may have been wrong when she turned Pinocchio from a doll into a man, since having a wooden nose he would have never had a flu.

Other performances

“Sinucigasul” (The Suicide) by Nikolai Erdman ( TNB, Amphitheatre Hall) – Saturday, October 24, 7 PM;

Directed by Felix Alexa

“O scrisoare pierduta” ( A Lost Letter) by Ion Luca Caragiale (Bulandra Theatre, Toma Caragiu Hall) – Saturday and Sunday, 7 PM); Directed by Doru Ana

“OuiBaDa” ( National Dance Center, Round Hall)- Saturday, Sunday, 7 PM

Directed by Gigi Caciuleanu

“Visul unei nopti de vara” ( A Midsummer Night’s Dream)- (Viennese Children’s Theatre, Rapsody Hall), Sunday 7 PM


Masters of Jazz concerts

Saturday, 8 PM – Palace Hall: Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Lenny White

Sunday, 8 PM – Palace Hall: Mike Stern Band feat R. Brecker, D. Weckl and Branford Marsalis Quartet

Athenaeum- Great performers

Saturday, 7 PM – Athenaeum- Karol Befta – piano concert

Light Cinema’s Opera Screening

Saturday, 8 PM – The Light Cinema- Aida Live from Met;

Clubbing events

Saturday 9 PM – Bucharest Drinking Team- in Oktoberfest- Pub

Saturday 10 PM – Bully & Various Artists- in Expirat Club

Sunday 11 PM – Manki `n` Stieb- in Expirat Club

Sunday 10 PM – Fitness Party- in Oktoberfest- Pub

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