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January 21, 2022

Ontanu excluded from PSD after voicing support for Basescu

PSD Bucharest municipal council decided on Wednesday evening, in unanimity, to exclude District 2 mayor, Neculai Ontanu, from the party, because he declared his support for Traian Basescu in the campaign for the presidential elections.

PSD Bucharest leader, Marian Vanghelie, declared Ontanu would have been elected executive president of PSD Bucharest, office that he was holding and whose mandate expired, if he did not decide to declare his support for Basescu.

Vanghelie pointed out that he had known for about that month that Ontanu formed the object of “pressures,” “from Traian Basescu included,” estimating that District 2 mayor is the victim of blackmail practiced by the Head of State and of the “arrangements” of some former colleagues from PSD that he refused to nominate.

According to Vanghelie, mayor Neculai Ontanu made a mistake declaring his support for Traian Basescu, adding that if Basescu wins, Basescu “will throw him away like a squeezed lemon,” and, if he loses, Ontanu “will remain with the shame.” PSD Bucharest leader stressed that Ontanu was not at his first mistake, stressing that he overlooked the “complicate situation” from the local elections, when on Ontanu’s electoral posters there was a message that he supported PDL candidate for Bucharest City Hall, Vasile Blaga.

Vanghelie also announced that, besides Ontanu, another sex persons were excluded from PSD, among whom also the former personal adviser of Adrian Nastase, Anca Alexandrescu, who is now a member of the campaign staff of the independent candidate to Presidency, Sorin Oprescu. “We excluded another six persons, who want to campaign elsewhere. We gave them away in a package with Ontanu,” the Social-Democrat leader said.

The media commented yesterday that Ontanu’s departure from PSD disadvantages the PSD candidate to presidency, Mircea Geoana.

According to the daily ‘Ziua,’ the move will guarantee for Geoana that he will almost certainly lose the votes from Bucharest, as long as Basescu has now on his side also District 2, besides Districts 3 and 6 whose mayors are Democrat-Liberals.

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