Basescu fights against Iliescu

During his electoral action in Craiova on Saturday, Basescu said that in this campaign, he will not fight Geoana or Antonescu, but Ion Iliescu. “They think we need a Romania governed as it was during Iliescu’s rule. This is the change Geoana offers. To take over from Iliescu. I don’t think Romania needs a caricature of Iliescu as head of state,” Basescu said. The president resumed his attacks on “moguls” such as Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, Dan Voiculescu or Dinu Patriciu, saying that he doesn’t accept the kind of “peace and quiet” that they wish. “You want peace? I have a suggestion. Vote for Geoana and you’ll have peace. Such a deep peace that you won’t like it,” he said.

Commenting on Basescu’s statements, Iliescu was quoted by Mediafax as saying that “it’s sad to have such a person lead the state, a person who lives on obsession and resentment.” In a blog post, Iliescu lashed out at Basescu, saying that the president, “in his “sickly euphoria, can imagine anything, including that he’s competing against Napoleon Bonaparte.” Geoana too said the statement proved Basescu is afraid. “He’s either afraid to face the crisis or to face Mircea Geoana and he’s looking for imaginary rivals.”

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