New NATO concept in Bucharest

The preparation of the new strategic concept of the North Atlantic Alliance, due to become effective in 2010, on the occasion of the Lisbon Summit, and the importance of article 5 of the North Atlantic Pact in the context generated by the asymmetric threats and the missions assumed outside the established space of the Alliance, were the main themes of discussions during the international conference “NATO and the new strategic concept. The priorities of Romania,” held on Friday in Parliament Palace. “It is a summative event, to which we invited both representatives of the partner states from the Euro-Atlantic community, allied members from NATO, and representatives from NATO General Secretariat, and persons that are set to initiate the draft of the new strategic concept,” Iulian Chifu, director, Conflict Prevention Centre, organizer of the conference, declared for Agerpres.

The planning director from the NATO General Secretariat office, Jamie Shea – considered by the specialized media one of the “key persons” in the drafting of the new strategic concept of the Alliance – presented the agenda of the discussions connected with this issue, stressing the importance of the debate over the strategic concept. Jamie Shea also greeted the way in which Romania follows this process and the interest stirred in our country by this debate of the Alliance.

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