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January 18, 2022

US base nearing completion in Kogalniceanu

The construction of the American military base in Constanta is nearing completion. The base is set to be one of the largest American military bases in Eastern Europe. The base, whose construction called for an investment of USD 50 M, is located on the grounds of the former 34th Mechanized Brigade and will become operational early next year. The base consists of 78 buildings – a miniature city with a chapel, a cinema, gym, postal office, stores, American football field and a training range. The interior of the base is extremely practical, with any building ready to be taken down in a matter of minutes.

The construction works started in 2007, calling for initial investments of USD 35 M. The funds were earmarked for US and Turkish companies that nevertheless used some Romanian labor force too. Another USD 15 M was earmarked for expropriations and for the completion of the construction works.

According to the analysts the investment is extremely profitable for the Romanian state. Starting next year the Romanian companies will be able to ensure the base’s fuel supply and catering services, with the sum that will reach the Romanian companies being estimated at USD 5 M.

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