Constructions, industry and commerce – in free fall

In relation to the previous three months, for the October – December 2009 period the managers of commercial companies estimate a reduction of the activity in the processing industry, retail, services and constructions sectors, the data of the National Statistics Institute shows. In what concerns the number of employees, a drop is expected, with the indicators’ evolution tendency being of -21 per cent in the overall processing industry (-27 per cent for the very large companies that have more than 500 employees), with a steeper drop being forecast for the following activities: metalworking, manufacturing of coke products and of the products obtained from processing oil, wood processing, the production of wood and cork products with the exception of furniture. A trend of stability in the next three months is forecast for the prices of industrial products (+3 per cent).

The constructions sector will register a downward trend both in the production volume and in the stock of contracts and orders. Likewise, the number of construction permits issued in the first nine months of the year for residential buildings has dropped by 20.4 per cent to 37,758 compared to the similar period last year, with the most significant drops being registered in the Bucharest-Ilfov, South-Walachia, North-Eastern and Central regions. 64.3 per cent of the permits issued in September were issued in the rural areas.

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