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Basescu: ‘If Croitoru gets rejected, I will be forced to immediately nominate another PM’

President Traian Basescu told a TV show on TVR1, Wednesday night, that if the Parliament rejects the Croitoru Government, he will be forced to immediately nominate another premier, because the new accord with the IMF must be renegotiated, as Romania did not fulfill some of its commitments. The head of state actually reiterated the idea that the Government must borrow two billion euros by the end of this year and he does not know whether such a resource will exist on the local market, as even the budget deficit objective negotiated with the IMF is at doubt. Basescu claimed he won’t allow the country to fall under the rule of Voiculescu, Hrebenciuc, Ion Iliescu, Vanghelie & Co. Referring to Ion Iliescu, the head of state said the former president “meant a setback for Romania and invited him “to mind his own business,” and “to enjoy his retirement”.

Oprescu says his electoral campaign is boycotted

Independent presidential candidate Sorin Oprescu said he canceled a visit to the Emergency Hospital of Ploiesti, scheduled for Wednesday morning, because doctors from the hospital told him that the manager was asked to bar his access in the unit. According to Mediafax, Oprescu – a doctor himself – said the same happened to him at hospitals in Iasi and Timisoara. The manager of the Timisoara hospital explained him the reason for the interdiction, on the phone: “Sorin, I am a member of PDL and they told me they would bang my head against all walls.” In a different move, Oprescu declared himself convinced that Traian Basescu will make it to the second round of the presidential elections, adding that in the final battle, Basescu “will defeat Geoana by 5-0 at mid-break, to settle the score with him,” and “will grab Antonescu right by the throat.” On the same occasion, Oprescu turned all guns on political parties, saying they have no right “to put their political hoof” on education, health, army, police or justice.

Boc answers Aura Vasile: ‘This is bathroom talk’

PDL leader Emil Boc avoided commenting the criticism voiced against him by the deputy leader of PSD+PC group in parliament, Aura Vasile, saying that he never had a dispute with “this lady whose name I cannot remember” and that statements like Aura Vasile’s can be made “in the bathroom,” rather than in public. Aura Vasile on Wednesday labeled the PDL president as “an imbecile” and dedicated him two verses, adapted from a folk song: “The rifle and the wide belt / Boc has never been a man.”

BEC established the order of candidates on the
ballot bulletins

Crin Antonescu (PNL) will be first on the ballot bulletins at the presidential elections from November 22, according to the draw of lots performed yesterday by the president of the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), Ana Hermina Iancu. Second on the bulletins will be Mircea Geoana (PSD+PC Political Alliance), while third being Kelemen Hunor (UDMR), followed by Traian Basescu (PDL) and Sorin Oprescu (independent), Mediafax reports.

Webcams and computers
in special voting stations

Almost 1.8 million Bucharesters will vote on November 22 in 1,256 voting sections, including 34 special ones, with the latter due to be equipped with webcams and computers. To this view, the Government will modify the law of elections, in order to allow the access of operators in the premises, Bucharest Prefect Mihai Atanasoaei announced yesterday.

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Electoral campaign news

Geoana: Let’s get rid of “the curse of the three Elenas”

PSD President Mircea Geoana yesterday told an electoral meeting in Botosani that one must prevent the so-called “curse of the three Elenas” becomes reality. He thus referred to the three influential women called Elena in the history of Romanian politics: Elena Lupescu, Elena Ceausescu and Elena Udrea. According to Mediafax, Geoana urged the approximately 200 participants in the electoral meeting staged in front of the PSD Botosani headquarter to vote so that “the curse of the three Elenas” in Romanian history should not become reality.

Crin Antonescu promises to freeze prices of utilities for one year

Liberal Crin Antonescu declared yesterday at Ploiesti that, becoming president, he will cut the VAT for food, will freeze the prices of utilities and will cancel the lump tax. “Tax reductions are possible even tomorrow. On December 7, I shall appoint Klaus Johannis prime minister. I will cancel the lump tax. (…) We shall cut the VAT for food at least at the beginning of the period, we shall freeze the prices of utilities for at least one year,” Antonescu promised his supporters. After the promises, the Liberal answered the accusations, saying that the electoral billboards of President Traian Basescu are paid from public money. “It is from money from the budget that Romania was filled with billboards in which we are threatened to be afraid again,” Antonescu criticized angrily.

Russian expert to lead the OSCE
delegation of observers in elections

The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) will send to Romania, for the presidential elections of November 22, a mission of observers composed of 25 international experts, led by Russian expert Vladimir Zhdanov. The Limited Election Observation Mission (LEOM) will include 11 international experts from nine OSCE member states, who will carry their activity in Bucharest, plus 14 long-term observers to be sent in regional centers throughout the country. The mission will evaluate if the Romanian ballot complies with the obligations assumed towards OSCE and with the country’s legislation.

Basescu and Oprescu seek Vadim’s votes in second round

The PRM candidate in the presidential elections, Corneliu Vadim Tudor announced on Tuesday night that he was visited, at his campaign headquarter, by Adriean Videanu and Sorin Oprescu, seeking his support for the second round. “Several people came to me. Adriean Videanu, Sorin Oprescu and others, but they do not know something. It is them who will give me their votes in the second round. I told Adriean Videanu: Dear Mr. Videanu, did you ever think that Traian Basescu may lose the elections?” the PRM candidate told the TV show named ‘Vorbe Grele’ (Heavy Words).

Aura Vasile: Boc never was a man

PSD Deputy Aura Vasile strongly reacted yesterday at Emil Boc’s statements about the “whip” he will turn on the Parliament, describing the prime minister as “an imbecile” and dedicating him two verses (adapted from a song dear to Boc) in which she said that Boc never was a man. “I start by saying – in reference to the statements of former prime minister Emil Boc: The rifle and the wide belt / Boc has never been a man,” Aura Vasile said, adding that she speaks on behalf of both the PSD+PC parliamentary group and of all woman legislators of PNL and UDMR, Mediafax reports.

Revolutionists support Basescu

The National Block of Revolutionists (BNR) which – according to its leaders – represents some 90 pc of revolutionists in Romania, announced its support for Basescu in elections, thus denying a previous announcement by the Lodge of Revolutionists’ Organizations in Romania (LORD) about supporting Geoana.

Oprescu: My friends are threatened

The independent candidate to the Presidency of Romania, Sorin Oprescu, said yesterday, also at Ploiesti, that some local friends, directors of hospitals, were threatened to be fired if they receive him in their hospitals. In the opinion of the independent presidential candidate, the health of the political class is not contagious, and “the courage is shown by calling a spade a spade. It is time to say for a while to the political parties.”

Iliescu: Basescu is ‘President Mockery’

Former president Ion Iliescu writes on his blog that the acting head of state, Traian Basescu uses demagogy and mockery, hence he might also be called “President Mockery”. According to Mediafax, in his post entitled “Demagogy – your name is Basescu!,” Ion Iliescu notes that the acting president blames the Legislative for the slow pace of interviewing the ministers proposed by nominated Premier Croitoru, but writes that “it is pure demagogy from the president to blame this on the Parliament, when it is him who knowingly caused this delay – by opposing the majority in Parliament.”

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