EU Trio – Presidency present logo, seek coordination

The President of the Spanish Government Jose Rodriguez Zapatero, the Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy and the Hungarian Prime Minister, Gordon Bajnai met in Brussels on Thursday morning, to discuss the main political priorities of their Trio Presidency. They also presented the Trio’s common logo.

Spain will take on the Presidency of the EU Council on January 1, 2010, followed by Belgium on July 1, 2010 and then Hungary on January 1, 2011. The Trio formula was initiated by the German Presidency, Spain, Belgium and Hungary have anticipated the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty by making an early start on their coordination activities in terms of programme and communication strategies.

The Trio Presidency is committed to working closely together, an approach based on cooperation and mutual trust. They firmly believe that Europe offers opportunities to all parties. By coping effectively with the challenges, the Trio Presidency aspires to make the opportunities a reality for everyone.

The Trio will ensure continuity for European policies over the 18 months. In terms of preparation the three governments are striving for ever-closer cooperation in order to deal with crucial issues such as the recession, climate change, the social agenda, promoting a social and competitive Europe, etc. Their approach seeks to bring the institutions closer to EU citizens.

The common logo takes the form of an innovative initiative reflecting the unity of the EU and its citizens. The logo comprises two interlinked letters (“e” and “u”) that also express solidarity and a harmonious relationship between the three member states. The logo equally reflects a modern vision of the Union and its citizens. It has the appearance a hand-written symbol, calling on citizens to espouse the European project, as a result of assign the Trio in superscript.

As shown in a press conference, the Trio Presidency is preparing a political programme and a few joint communication strategies, such as a common internet home page.

Severin, candidate for foreign policy commissioner?

MEP Adrian Severin prepares his candidacy for the foreign policy position of the European Union which will be created through the Lisbon Treaty when it goes into effect, informed yesterday quoting sources from Brussels and Bucharest. According to the quoted source, as former vice premier and foreign affairs minister, the candidacy of Adrian Severin should not be treated lightly. He is regarded as a “heavyweight” of the European Parliament, considering also his position of vice president for foreign policy of the Group of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D), and who held previously high positions at the UN, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Council of Europe and the Convention for the Future of Europe, Agerpres reports.

“Actually, there are only two serious candidates in the race: the British foreign minister (David) Miliband and Severin,” declared a person from the Group of the Socialists and Democrats.

Asked if President Traian Basescu, affiliated to EPP, would support Adrian Severin, a Romanian source declared that this is an opportunity which can’t be missed by any head of state: “exactly as the Spanish and Portuguese premiers backed strongly Barroso.”

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