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December 1, 2021

Croitoru Cabinet faces MPs confidence vote today

Nominated Prime Minister Lucian Croitoru will come in Parliament today, to present the ruling program of the Cabinet he formed and to seek a favourable vote from Senators and Deputies. To be invested by Parliament, Croitoru needs the votes of at least 236 legislators.

Nearly two weeks ago, Croitoru announced the names of the 14 Cabinet members he proposes – seven technocrats and seven members of the Democrat-Liberal Party. The nominated premier however stands little chance of seeing his government pass the Legislative, as the only party that announced his support is PDL, with 172 senators and deputies. Furthermore, only two of the 14 ministers proposed by Croitoru were Okayed by the pertinent commissions of the Parliament, after hearings last week. Diplomat Bogdan Aurescu, nominated for the position of Foreign Minister, was cleared by the Foreign Policy Commissions of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, while Democrat-Liberal Vasile Blaga received green light for the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism.

PDL vice-president Gheorghe Flutur said on Monday that the parliamentary groups of his party are mobilized for the vote in Parliament, but the leaders of the other parties – PSD, PNL and UDMR – announced they would vote against the Croitoru Cabinet.

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