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August 7, 2022

Hrebenciuc accuses Mitrea of ‘betrayal’

Viorel Hrebenciuc, the leader of the Social-Democrat MPs, stated on Monday evening for Realitatea TV that President Traian Basescu allegedly reached an agreement with Miron Mitrea in 2008 back when the latter no longer organized the PSD’s parallel vote count after the Parliamentary elections. Hrebenciuc accused Mitrea of betraying his party.

Hrebenciuc recounted how during the Parliamentary elections of 2008 PSD had decided to conduct a parallel vote count that should have been coordinated by Mitrea but the latter announced the party leaders just before elections day that he was no longer able to do that. ‘It was a betrayal,’ Hrebenciuc stated, adding it could also mean ‘possible electoral fraud.’

As an argument in support of his assertion Hrebenciuc brought the fact that the exit-polls showed that PSD allegedly surpassed PD-L by 6 per cent, with that difference ‘no longer existing’ by the following morning.

The leader of Social-Democrat MPs stated in mid-October that Mitrea is the PD-L’s ‘tool.’ Likewise, Marian Vanghelie and Hrebenciuc told Mitrea during a Permanent Bureau meeting that if he does not put an end to the statements that damage the PSD he would be called in for ‘a straightening talk.’ In reply, Senator Mitrea wrote on his personal blog that he is not Basescu’s ‘agent’ nor Sorin Oprescu’s, underlining that he is a Social-Democrat and will back the party’s Presidential candidate even if Hrebenciuc ‘desperately struggles’ to kick him out of the party.

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