On the election campaign trail

Head of State requests OSCE to check electoral fraud suspicions

President Traian Basescu received on Thursday, at Cotroceni, an OSCE delegation, asking its chief, Vadim Zhdanovich, to pay attention to the issue connected with the supplementing of the ballot sections abroad, in the conditions in which certain parties say that an electoral fraud is prepared in this way. “Some of the parliamentary parties say that the Government has increased the number of ballot sections abroad, this is a request addressed a long time ago to the Government, especially from Italy and Spain, and this Government has accepted to increase the number of ballot sections. Some of the parties have suspicions that these sections could be used for frauds. Maybe you can focus on this issue,” Basescu said. “We have already started the activity on October 28 and we have settled the headquarters here in Bucharest. We have also long-term observers, who were sent to six regional centers,” Vadim Zhdanovich, chief of OSCE mission which monitors elections, also said.

Basescu has problems with fief
in Bucharest

President Traian Basescu declared on Thursday, on Realitatea FM, that he has lost “connection with the Bucharesters” and in Bucharest, in the opinion polls, he is at a draw with a counter-candidate, without saying however to whom he referred. “Bucharest was one of my fiefs. Now I am at a draw with another counter-candidate. Probably that I left Bucharest going all the time around the country and I forgot to speak to the Bucharesters, this is a thing that I want to remedy. I put much soul in my mandate of mayor of Bucharest,” Basescu declared. He added that he has however given signals for Bucharesters, mentioning his intervention with the Government to issue an emergency ordinance regarding the continuation of the works at Basarab flyover. “I am very sorry that, busy with other things, I forgot to maintain my connection with the Bucharesters,” Basescu added.

Oprescu: There is an
understanding between
Geoana and Basescu

Candidate Sorin Oprescu launched on Wednesday evening, in a TV talk-show, the accusation that between Mircea Geoana and Traian Basescu, two of his counter-candidates, there is allegedly an understanding, “a toy” left unfinished by Traian Basescu. “I believe that it is dodging with Mircea Geoana. It is very easy. The President, who likes to makes toys, made one, but he leaves them always unfinished (…) His idealization (of Traian Basescu – editor’s note), kept in a very big jar, filling the streets with Mircea Geoana, and, hop, on the other side with Traian Basescu who tells them <>… Yes, I think that an understanding of the type <

Kelemen believes Romania
will have a president given
by minorities in the future

UDMR candidate to Presidency, Kelemen Hunor, considers that “if not in 2010 or in 2011,” in the next years the Romanian society will “probably” have a president on behalf of the minorities. According to Mediafax, Kelemen Hunor declared on Thursday, at Cehu Silvaniei, during an electoral visit, that as long as the UDMR members remain “strong and united,” the other partiers will have to take into account their opinion about the ruling act. “When we had a say in politics, we managed to serve the interests of the local communities, and of the Romanian society in general. As long as we stay united and powerful, the other parties cannot overlook us, they will take into account our opinion in the ruling act. If not in 2010 or in 2011, probably in the next years the Romanian society will have a president on behalf of the minorities,” Kelemen Hunor declared.

AmCham to convey document
on Romania’s priorities
to presidential candidates

President Traian Basescu met on Thursday with an AmCham delegation headed by the president of the association, Sorin Mandrutescu, who announced that the organization that he represents will offer all the presidential candidates a document with the vision about the priorities of Romania.

“The same as during the electoral campaign for the general elections, when I had the occasion to meet with the most important parties, this year we also have a round of meetings with the candidates to Presidency to present them a document drafted by us last year, before the general elections. Further to the evolutions from the past year we believe that we have updated it. Rather devoid of modesty, we say, we called it Priorities for Romania. These are the priorities in our vision,” Mandrutescu said.

He added that AmCham members hope that some of the proposals mentioned in the document will appear “on the electoral agendas of the parties and of the candidates to the elections from this year. President Traian Basescu said that before the meeting he consulted the variant of the past year of the document and considered that some of the suggestions formulated by him were considered. “Definitely, this opening will further exist because nobody can overlook the business circles which assure the financial resource both for the state and the citizens. I am ready to hear your points of view and I shall comment them insofar as I competence allows me at this moment,” the Head of State added.

CNSAS: None of the candidates
has collaborated with Securitate

CNSAS College has finalized the verification of the candidates to Presidency, establishing that there aren’t indications for any of the 12 that they collaborated with the former Securitate, read a press release of the institution on Thursday. CNSAS decided to maintain the decisions issued before OUG no. 24/2008 went into effect, further to the verifications made by them, since no new or unprocessed document or information regarding the quality of Securitate worker or collaborator was found for the following: George Crin Laurentiu Antonescu, Traian Basescu, George Becali, Mircea Dan Geoana, Kelemen Hunor, Sorin Mircea Oprescu, Constantin Rotaru and Corneliu Vadim Tudor, or for the other candidates.

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