Romania criticized by Ukrainian press

Several Ukrainian experts warn that Ukraine’s relation with Romania could enter a ‘heated phase.’ According to an article published by Ukraine’s ‘Stolichinyie Novosti’ daily and quoted by Agerpres, Romania did not give up the idea of recreating Greater Romania by annexing territories belonging to the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and Hungary. The aforementioned daily claims that the ‘Kosovo precedent’ represents for Romania a model for the way in which claims on foreign territories can be ‘legally’ raised, territories such as Bucovina and a part of the Odessa region. The Ukrainian press also tackles the issue of the Bystroye Canal, writing that Ukraine and Romania plan to jointly monitor the Danube Delta on both sides of the border from an ecological point of view.

The comments were rejected by Cosmin Dinescu, the general director of the Judicial Affairs Office within Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ‘All the assertions recently published by the Ukrainian press are not based on facts. The Bystroye Canal project continues to be outside international law. The project’s legality has never been confirmed by a competent institution. Moreover, the procedural steps taken by the Ukrainian side remain only that – procedural steps,’ Dinescu stated for Agerpres.

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