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June 26, 2022

Writers’ Union candidates caught in election dispute

The two candidates for the position of Writers’ Union president, Nicolae Manolescu and Stefan Agopian have entered a dispute regarding funding misuse, just a few days before election inside the union. Incumbent president, critic Nicolae Manolescu is being accused by his counter-candidate Setfan Agopian of misusing union funds, mainly of financing some obscure publications and paying unjustifiable salaries and bonuses to union employees. “We are in full economic recession, the political situation is also very bad currently, “ Agopian says, quoted by Gandul daily, “and this recession is not going to slow down for the Writers Union, but it looks like the incumbent president is looking to spend all the money, as long as it is still there. It is enough just to look at his phone bill. This will bring the union in financial collapse.”

President Manolescu’s retort was quick to follow. “ Mr.Agopian’s affirmation seems to me quite irresponsible, especially considering the fact that all the Union expenses were done with his approval as well, he is a member in the Union’s board.” The Writers’ Union current president also says he considers the expenses should not be reduced, but a solution would be to attract investment to the Union.

“The real problem is to bring in the money, one cannot rely on phone bills’ cuts, we need to be able to do our jobs,” Manolescu says.

Elections for the presidency in the Writers Union take place on November 23, at the National Theatre. Among the contestants are also writers Constantin Stan, Dan Mircea Cipariu and Nicolae Breban.

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