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September 29, 2022

Ex-MAE secretary of state challenges referendum in court

Former Secretary of State at the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) Mihai Gheorghiu has challenged in court the decree and the government decision on the organization of the referendum on November 22, filing a motion for the quashing of the two acts. ‘(…) What I actually did was to challenge a moral and, in this case, a legal fraud in connection with the organization of a referendum on the same date as the presidential election,’ Gheorghiu stated yesterday, according to Mediafax. He explained his action had been done in a spirit of civism, being unconnected with any particular political party. ‘It is an act of civism done by a citizen who is challenging the acts issued by the Romanian state authorities, unconnected with any political party,’ Mihai Gheorghiu said.

The former secretary of state noted that his motion regarding the decree would be heard by the court on November 17 and the one challenging the government decision on November 25. Gheorghiu had been a Secretary of State at MAE until December 2008. Currently, he works as a researcher at the Romanian Peasant’s Museum.

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