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June 25, 2021

Unpaid leaves – only in certain conditions

Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea yesterday said that in the time left until the end of this year, public servants can take eight days of unpaid leave at most, i.e. four in November and four in December, quoted by Realitatea.net. Thus, the state will save 80 pc of the RON 1.6 bln sum planned initially. “The measure must be enforced in the spirit of law and we cannot give more than four days (of unpaid leave) a month, but if the unions reach an agreement with institutions to take 10 days of unpaid leave, this would certainly be welcome,” Pogea said.

Public servants will have 5 days of unpaid leave this month and another five in December, according to the president of the National Union of Public Servants, Sebastian Oprescu. The union leader explained this is a very dangerous move for public administration, because multi-annual figures demonstrate that the incidence of misdemeanors increases in December.

The personnel working in the public administration will receive less money in December and January, and this will stir unrest among them, Sebastian Oprescu added. Pro Lex unionists claim police officers will only go on unpaid leave in certain conditions and asked the government to schedule four days of leave in a row during each of the two months. In addition, they will no longer work overtime, Mediafax reports.

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