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December 9, 2022

Cotidianul: Basescu liable to arrest in another case

In September 2001, the General Council of the City of Bucharest (CGMB) approved the biggest rip off ever in Romania, “Cotidianul” wrote in its edition of yesterday. The Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ) for Baneasa area, voted by the general advisers of Bucharest, allowed subsequently the plundering of the patrimony of the Agronomical University, which conceded 200 ha of land at under-evaluated prices, and the construction of malls, office buildings and luxury villas for the benefit of the group of firms coordinated by the businessman Gabriel Popoviciu. The PUZ was submitted to CGMB for approval by the mayor general Traian Basescu, the person who endorsed the project and signed the preamble, without taking into account the fact that they abounded in illegalities, according to the publication.

The preamble through which Basescu convinced the advisers to approve the illegal construction of malls, hotels and luxury villas on the agricultural land used for didactic purposes by the University of Agronomy violates the legal provisions. According to the documents quoted by the daily, PUZ beneficiary is SC Trination SA, member of the group of interests chaired by Gabriel Puiu Popoviciu. The first abuse: the owner of the land at that time was the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, and the land was intended by law for didactic activities in the agricultural domain. At the beginning of the year, the prosecutors started an inquiry against Popoviciu, the former president of the university and other former officials in connection with the acquisition of the land of 220 ha at a much under-evaluated price.

Basescu stood up for Popoviciu right in the period of the investigations when he asked rhetorically which was the fault of a man who invested one billion EUR. Questioned about his possible involvement in the deal, Basescu reacted aggressively: “Have you seen any affair in which my involvement is not mentioned? Ask clearly. Where have you seen my name mentioned in this affair?”

The inquiry regarding the real estate affair from Baneasa has been pushed in the shade after the liberation of the businessman Popoviciu from arrest, the prosecutors ceasing to offer details regarding the evolution of the case, ‘Cotidianul’ adds.

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