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June 26, 2022

Gardianul: Geoana’s visit to Moscow monitored by SPP

Mircea Geoana’s secret visit to Moscow April 27 was illegally monitored by the Protection and Guard Service (SPP), according to some sources, the ‘Gardianul’ daily revealed yesterday. Subsequently, Viorel Hrebenciuc, Mircea Geoana’s campaign manager, blamed the SPP for engaging in political policing, shadowing Social-Democrat leaders, and Mircea Geoana particularly. In the paper’s view, the incumbent head of state seeks to accuse his opponent that, in his capacity of vice-president of Romania’s Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), must have informed the Council about his visit to Russia.

According to the sources, Mircea Geoana departed to Moscow on April 27, escorted by a SPP agent. This is how Traian Basescu learned from SPP head Lucian Pahontu about Mircea Geoana’s trip. The information ‘leaked’ to the head of state was ‘intercepted’ by Social-Democrat leaders. This is what Hrebenciuc said August 31, 2009, after the leaders of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) found out Traian Basescu had been aware of the visit. ‘We have ascertained during our activity this summer that at least those with the SPP, which is led directly by Mr. Basescu, are doing political policing. A section created at the level of Gen. Burian is in charge of it, shadowing PSD members in their constituencies being the only thing they do, PSD president and vice-presidents in particular, the leader of Social-Democrat deputies said at the time. When asked if he has evidence to sustain these accusations, Hrebenciuc answered: We have concrete data and relevant evidence, obviously.’

Contacted by ‘Gardianul’ Wednesday, Viorel Hrebenciuc said ‘it is clear the information got to Basescu via the Guard and Protection Service. He held that “the SPP man’s presence in Moscow shows Geoana had nothing to hide.’

According to the sources, the meeting in Moscow with one of Medvedev’s advisers was aimed at financial support for Geoana with a view to the electoral campaign. However, the Hotnews piece of news, reproduced in Thursday’s newspapers, is unclear about the Russians asking Geoana to support the South Stream project in return, at Nabucco’s expense. In an interview with Reuters April 29, two days after his visit to Moscow, Geoana said Romania might join the South Stream project if entrusted to an Eastern-Western consortium and in line with the EU’s strategy on supplies from Russia.

Asked if he were open to the notion of Romania’s joining the South Stream, the Social-Democrat leader said he was not necessarily drawn to the idea, but did not rule out taking it into count either. It is interesting that he said that were a Nabucco rival project to include both western and Russian interests, Romania would find it a lot more comfortable to take part in it. ‘(…) I feel we are approaching a strategic decision by Europe and Russia,’ Reuters quoted Geoana as saying.

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