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Wine-loving ambassadors pay visit to Halewood Wine Cellars

Upon invitation by the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Halewood Wine Cellars, a group of 10 wine-loving ambassadors paid a visit to the Urlateanu Mansion and the Rhein & Cie. Cellars in Azuga.

In the morning, the ambassadors and their wives attended a wine tasting event at the Urlateanu Mansion of Urlati commune, Prahova County, where they were served traditional meals, suitable for the wines put out for tasting. The Urlateanu Mansion was introduced in the wine circuit in April 2000, Halewood being the first company that gave tourists the possibility to visit a fully functional wine cellar. In presence of the staff and of Halewood International group founder John Halewood, the dignitaries were introduced to the fascinating world of wine. The Rhein & Cie. Cellars of Azuga are the oldest cellars in Romania, where sparkling wine is produced without interruption since 1892, based on a traditional Champenoise method. In April 2006, Cramele Halewood S.A. company was certified as “Supplier of the House of His Majesty King Mihai I” with sparkling wines, a certificate that was renewed in October 2009, when it became a Royal House supplier of still wines too.

EC approved guarantee granted
by Romanian state in favour
of Ford Romania

The European Commission authorized the granting of a guaranty of 80 per cent by Romania in order to allow Ford Romania company to obtain a loan from the European Investment Bank, for the co-funding of a project for the development of an engine with low carbon dioxide emissions, and the subsequent production at Craiova plant, Mediafax informs.

“The loan will co-fund the project for the development of an engine with low CO2 emissions and the subsequent production of vehicles at Ford plant in Craiova. The 80 per cent guaranty which has to be furnished by Romania fulfills the conditions from the temporary framework for state aid measures adopted by the Commission which gives the member states an additional possibility to facilitate the access to funds in the conditions of the current economic and financial crisis,” reads a press release of the EU Executive.

Concretely, Ford Romania will pay an appropriate remuneration for the guarantee and will furnish enough securities for the case that the guaranty is not executed. “The 80 per cent guaranty that will be furnished by Romania fulfills the conditions from the temporary framework for the state aid measures adopted by the Commission, which gives the member states an additional possibility to facilitate the access to funds in the conditions of the present economic and financial crisis,” reads EC press release.

Tarom offers EUR 9 tickets
on Cairo and Istanbul routes

EUR 9 is the promotional price that Tarom levies for the flights on Cairo and Istanbul routes, reads a press release of the flight company, Agerpres informs. Tarom’s “Winter Marathon” offer continues with Cairo and Istanbul destinations, for which return tickets of only EUR 9 (plus airport fees) are put on sale since last Saturday, November 14, until November 29. The price of the same tickets, fees included, acquired at the usual tariff is EUR 87 for Bucharest – Istanbul and EUR 98 for Bucharest-Cairo. The return tickets on these destinations, purchased during November 14 – November 29, can be used in the period November 23-29, 2009, with departure from Bucharest. The promotional programme “Winter Marathon” also included, for periods of 15 days, the routes Bucharest-Budapest, Bucharest-Thessaloniki, Bucharest-Athens, Bucharest-Rome, Bucharest-Venice, Bucharest-Sofia, Bucharest-Lyon and Bucharest-Zurich. The “Winter Marathon’ will include a total of 84 Tarom flights to 14 foreign destinations in six weeks, period in which around 800 tickets will be put on sale at the tariff of EUR 9 plus airport fees.

Sibiu salami returns
to the Medias factory

The salami factory from Medias resumed on Saturday the production of the famous Sibiu salami, after an interruption of 18 years, the representatives of the factory announced, Agerpres reports. According to their estimates, the factory in Medias, which resumed the production of meat preparations in September 2008, after an investment of EUR 6.6 M, will produce around 20 tons of dry salami per month, subject to the market demand. Around EUR 2.6 M were also invested in Salflom slaughter house, which delivers the meat necessary for the production of the meat preparations of Salconserv Medias. “Known by everybody as Sibiu salami, the product originates in Medias. As a result of the fact that the dry salami produced at Medias was traded after 1900 through Vama Sibiu, its name was distorted. Actually, the Sibiu salami was never been made at Sibiu,” explained Nicolae Floca, majority shareholder of the factory Salconserv from Medias, member of the group of firms Dafora S.A.

The factory, which has last generation equipment, has a daily production capacity of 60 tons of meat preparations and 30 tons of tinned meat. It has 160 employees, the average salary per worker being RON 1,000/month.

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