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November 26, 2022


Eurostat: Romania’s 4.3 pc inflation rate, highest
in the EU in October

Romania’s annual inflation rate of 4.3 per cent was the highest in the EU in October too, with the average annual inflation rate in the EU climbing to 0.5 per cent, the Eurostat data shows, Mediafax informs. Nevertheless in the Euro Area the indicator remained negative, climbing to -0.1 per cent in October from -0.3 per cent in September. The indicator remained negative as a consequence of the drop registered in the price of foodstuffs and fuel. In the European Union the indicator climbed to 0.5 per cent in October up from 0.3 per cent in September, with the annual inflation rates in the member states ranging from 4.3 per cent in Romania to -2.8 per cent in Ireland.

In what concerns the monthly inflation rate, Romania is fourth in the EU with a 0.4 per cent growth in October compared to the level registered the month before. The highest monthly inflation rates were registered by Cyprus (0.9 per cent), Spain (0.7 per cent) and Greece (0.5 per cent), with the steepest price drops being registered by Finland (-0.5 per cent), the Netherlands and Lithuania (-0.4 per cent each). The average monthly inflation rate stood at 0.2 per cent both in the EU and in the Euro Area.

Tudor Jidav – the new director at Bucharest Airports National Company

Tudor Jidav, the current general director of the ‘Henri Coanda’ Otopeni Airport will be the next director at the Bucharest Airports National Company, Agerpres reports. The company, to handle the Otopeni and Baneasa Airports, will be operational as of January of next year, Transport Minister Radu Berceanu said yesterday. ‘Any of the two incumbent directors at Otopeni and Baneasa may be the director. I incline toward appointing the director at Otopeni , who has a directorial experience of over ten years, while the Baneasa director, George Mihalcea, has been on the job but for a few months,’ Berceanu said, adding that no new posts will be created, with the company to have a general director in charge of coordinating one of the two airports and the company operations. Later on, there will be a general director and two assistant directors, each of the last two in charge of one airport. The institution will finance itself and will also receive funding from the state budget, bank loans and foreign loans contracted or backed by the Romanian state. The company’s headquarters will be in Otopeni and the original share capital will stand at RON 143.7 M.

HR Club proposes to change the labour legislation

HR Club, the association of human resource professionals in Romania, launched 3 legal initiatives – also pertaining to methodology – in partnership with employers’ organizations, trade unions and the civil society. According to a press release, the initiatives aim at updating the Job Classification in Romania (COR), developing a constant dialog with the pertinent Romanian authorities in the labour area, conducting analyses and making propositions about work relations, as well as updating the labour legislation. “The main discussion topics approached the ways of improving the operation of the General Register of Employees’ Electronic Records (REVISAL), simplifying the reporting procedures, the relations between employers and labour inspectors, and the role of ITM in combating discrimination. Furthermore, HR Club voiced its interest to support the Labour Inspection in optimizing all these aspects,” said Csaba Gergely, president HR Club. The purpose of the meetings held by this workgroup is to secure the consensus between social partners and the NGOs dedicated to the field, over the initiatives and proposals submitted within the project with European Financing, on three directions: COR, the relation with authorities, and labour legislation.

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President fined
by Iohannis?

The public rallies management commission of the Sibiu Municipality might analyze this week how PDL organized the electoral meeting for Traian Basescu, during the last weekend, Antena 3 reports. As the Democrat-Liberals said they had 40,000 activists and fans at this meeting, while the Sibiu gendarmerie estimates only 12-13,000 participants, the organizers of the meeting risk a fine for failure to comply with the authorization issued by the Municipality. “If it is proven that 30,000 people were present, the organizers of Traian Basescu’s electoral meeting will be fined as provided by law, because the guard and protection measures, as well and the other matters related to how the meeting was organized, were taken for 10,000 people,” Iohannis explained.

Longest campaign phrase: 222 words

The longest phrase voiced by a candidate in the presidential campaign has no less than 222 words and belongs to PSD candidate Mircea Geoana, who delivered it during an electoral show on the Romania Actualitati radio channel, finds an analysis of the Institute for Public Policies, quoted by Hotnews.ro. The Institute experts looked through some 350 pages of speeches delivered by the main 4 candidates: Traian Basescu, Mircea Geoana, Crin Antonescu and Sorin Oprescu. The conclusions of the analysis show that, by using impersonal verbs (the most used is “must”), the candidates avoid assuming concrete projects/commitments, thus avoiding criticism by their rivals and evaluations by the population.

Elena Udrea: “Only fools should be modest”

Elena Udrea has nothing to reproach herself for how she led – and she is still leading – the Tourism Ministry, and claims “only fools should be modest,” Antena 3 reports. “My former law professor said that only fools should be modest. They have all reasons to be modest. I don’t know what I should blame myself for. There is not much. Perhaps only that I could have faster understood how a ministry works,” Udrea declared. In an interview she gave to newstimisoara.ro over the weekend, the Democrat-Liberal leader declared herself disturbed by media speculations about her supposed private relation with President Traian Basescu, though she admitted that they amused her in the past. “My relationship with Traian Basescu is part of the denigration campaign against the president,” Udrea added.

Kelemen Hunor:
NO in the referendum

UDMR presidential candidate Kelemen Hunor declared in Brasov that he will vote NO in the referendum on restructuring the Parliament, because he considers President Traian Basescu’s initiative as being “just a manipulation,” MEDIAFAX reports. “The referendum is just a manipulation. I told the electorate that it is most important to vote in elections and even in the referendum. I will vote NO in the referendum. I believe Romania needs a system with two houses of the Parliament, but with different attributions, that will not superimpose each other,” Kelemen Hunor told a press conference held at the UDMR branch office in Brasov.

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