Bucharest theatres premieres this week

‘Closer’ by Patrick Marber, directed by Ilinca Stihi, will be premiered at Teatrul Foarte Mic (The studio hall of Teatrul Mic), on Sunday, November 22, from 19:00. The theatrical project proposed two years ago by the director and translator of the text, Ilinca Stihi, is a partnership with ArCuB. The Cast of characters includes Gheorghe Visu, Ana-Ioana Macaria, Marius Capota and Mihaela Mihaescu, playing four lost characters who move between relationships with no prejudice or regret.

‘Vladimir Square’ by Ludmila Razumovskaia, directed by Petru Hadarca, with Luminita Gheorghiu and Emil Hossu in the cast will open at the ‘George Constantin’ Hall of the Nottara Theatre in Bucharest, Wednesday and Thursday at 19:30. The play tells the story of two not quite so young people who are on the margins of society. A former actor, never very successful but with very many shaken ideals, and a little more ‘self-contained’ woman meet in a public square while he is begging and she is selling old stuff. She recognizes him as one of her former school colleagues she had been in love with many years before. ‘A sour-sweet story on the purpose of the simple person in a world ground by interest and manners.

‘La Tectonique des sentiments’/ ‘When Feelings Shift’ by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, in Nicolae Scarlat’s modern directorial perspective, will be premiered on Wednesday and Thursday from 19:00, at the Atelier Hall of the National Theatre in Bucharest. ‘When Feelings Shift’ uncovers a game of egos, where a man is pursued by four women who crave for pure love, hope, for the chance they never had to beat their condition. The story digs into present day Paris life, the sophisticated city of fine drinks and expensive cloths, but also the city of the streets where tough battles for survival are fought. The well-known French writer and playwright imagines two characters coming from Romania, a country of prejudice, a country for which hope is always elsewhere’, reads a press statement from the National Theatre. In an essential-like scenery, ‘When Feelings Shift’ shows that, between black and there is still room for red and that love is not an easy thing.

‘In container’/ ‘In the Container’ by Constantin Cheianu, directed by Cristian Ban, will have its first two performances on Saturday and on Sunday, both from 19:00, at the Odeon Theatre. The scenography of the show is authored by Mihai Samarandache, Marius Damian, Dimitrii Bogomaz, Gabriel Pintilei, Relu Poalelungi and Irina Mazanitis. The play was published by the Cartier publishing house in 2007 and was mounted in the direction of the author at the ‘Alexei Mateevici’ Theatre of Chisinau. In February 2009, the play was presented at the Odeon Theatre as a reading-show, in the presence of its author, in the ‘Today’s Playwrights at the Odeon’ programme implemented in partnership with the ‘Camil Petrescu’ Cultural Foundation.

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