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April 22, 2021

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BCR ATMs in gas stations

BCR, the biggest bank in the market, concluded a partnership with the energy company Petrom for the setting up of ATMs in gas stations, several of them being already operational in Bucharest. “We concluded the agreement of collaboration with Petrom for the installation of ATMs in their gas stations. We have already set up several ATMs in Petrom stations around the country,” the representatives of the bank said, without however specifying the number of ATMs already functional, or the total number of ATMs that have to be set up. Petrom has over 450 gas stations in the whole country. BCR operates a network of over 2,000 ATMs.

Petrom in the top best performing energy
companies in the world

Petrom, member of the Austrian group OMV, has entered this year the Platts top best performing 250 energy companies in the world, on place 169, being the only Romanian presence in the classification, Mediafax informs. Thus, Petrom outdistances known companies such as PKN Orlen (Poland) or Neste Oil (Finland). Platts is one of the biggest consultancy companies which furnishes information in the domain of energy and raw materials, with a tradition of 100 years, and is part, together with Standard & Poor’s and J.D. Power and Associates, of the American group The McGraw-Hill Companies. The Romanian company ranks 184 in the top according to assets, of USD 8.424 bln at the end of the past year, 164 according to revenues (USD 6.03 bln), and 161 according to profit (USD 365 M), according to Platts. The Austrian group OMV, the majority shareholder of Petrom, ranks 32 in Platts top. On the first position in the top we find the American group Exxon Mobil, which maintains its supremacy as the biggest energy conglomerate at world level, with revenues of USD 425 bln, and a profit of USD 45.22 bln in 2008.

Telecom companies
to externalize several
activities in 2010

In 2010, certain telephony companies which operate in Romania could externalize several activities, such as the call-centers or the maintenance of the equipment, in order to cut their expenditures, estimates Dragos Chivu, chief for Romania of the telecommunication equipment maker Nokia-Siemens Networks, HotNews.ro informs. The company has 45 employees in the country but could increase their number to several hundreds if it can take advantage of the externalization trend. The company estimates that the mobile telephony market is saturated, presently existing 29 million active SIMs, while the predictions for 2013 point to a moderate growth up to 32 million. Nokia-Siemens Networks has 45 employees in Romania, but their number might grow by “somewhere between 20 and 500 people,” based on the outsourcing projects that the company might win. Dragos Chivu said that although the company is not very well known among mobile phone users, its role is important because “every time you send a MMS, it goes through Nokia-Siemens Networks.” The holding set up two years ago has 64,000 employees worldwide and it recently announced it would lay off 5,000 people to cut expenses.

Six Chery car models available also in Romania

Six models of the Chinese brand Chery can be bought in Romania after a pilot period that will take place at the beginning of the next year, time in which the cars will be submitted to the reliability tests in the rent a car and operational leasing fleet of the importing company Sixt New Kopel. “The date when we begin the sale to public and the volume of cars that we shall import depend on the results obtained further to the pilot period,” the marketing manager of the Israeli company, Lavinia Bularca, declared for Mediafax. The entry of the brand on the local market supposes an investment estimated at EUR 2-3 M, much of the amount going to marketing and publicity. The Chery will be sold through Sixt New Kopel, and also through partners.

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