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October 22, 2021

Politicians made controversial donations to their own parties

At least 100 politicians donated last year to the parties whose members they are amounts of money bigger than their revenues, according to blogdeinvestigatii.blogspot.com. Senators, deputies, presidents of county councils, prefects, sub prefects, ministerial advisers, deconcentrated chiefs, local or county advisers donated to PSD, PDL and PNL in 2008 electoral campaigns money that they cannot justify through documents. In the case of these about 100 politicians, the amounts of money donated to parties do not correspond to those from the wealth declarations mentioned under the revenues chapters.

The journalistic investigation relied on a simple principle: it compared the lists of natural persons who donated money to political parties in 2008, lists published in Monitorul Oficial (Official Journal), with the wealth statements for the fiscal year 2008 of the persons from the lists who were elected, dignitaries or civil servants, and who according to law filled in wealth statements upon their vesting in office.

According to the quoted source, divided by political parties, the situation is the following: at least 42 PSD members, 41 PDL members and 10 PNL members donated money to their parties that they cannot justify through the revenues obtained in 2008. The money that these politicians cannot justify rise to almost RON 1.5 M. RON 600,000 of this money went to PSD, RON 500,000 to PDL, and RON 300,000 to PNL.

For example two of the members mentioned on behalf of the Democrat Liberal Party are Senator Iulian Urban and Deputy Vasile Gherasim, Deputy Eugen Bejinariu and Deputy Cristian Rizea on behalf of the Social-Democrat Party, and Petre Roman, former High Representative of the Government, and Deputy Adriana Saftoiu on behalf of the National Liberal Party.

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