One third of children and teenagers have suicidal attempts

About one third of the children and teenagers aged between 9 and 18 try to commit suicide, declared Dr. Elena Branaru from the Centre for the prevention of suicidal attempts at children and teenagers. She explained, according to Agerpres, that most of them, who have such gestures, regret when they recover, the motivation being that they wanted to have “another model of world, to be more settled, more protected.”

Dr. Elena Branaru said that an important cause of the action for these children is the educational model from the family and the lack of communication in the family. The specialist explained that the parents must learn to communicate with their children and pay them more attention, in order to avoid pushing the children to the “self-destructive gesture.”

She explained that the family balance is very important and the parents must learn to control their anger, to be able to calm down conflicts, to control their impulses, to be empathetic and not leave the children to other persons, who may give them wrong advice.

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