Traian Basescu and Mircea Geoana face to face in runoff of presidential elections

The exit polls released on Sunday evening, after the closing of the ballots, show current president Traian Basescu and social-democrat Mircea Geoana are to meet in the final of presidential elections on December 6.

Also, the polls show that the turnout may be higher than 50 per cent, so that the referendum on unicameral parliament could be validated.

CSOP exit poll informed Traian Basescu was voted by 33.2 per cent of Romanians, Mircea Geoana by 30,3 per cent, liberal leader Crin Antonescu by 22 per cent, UDMR candidate Kelemen Hunor by 4.9 per cent, independent candidate Sorin Oprescu by 3.2 per cent, PRM president Corneliu Vadim Tudor by 4 per cent, PNGCD head George Becali by 1.5 per cent.

A CURS exit poll also shows data very much alike. Traian Basescu: 33.72 per cent, Mircea Geoana: 31.44 per cent, Crin Antonescu: 21.53 per cent, Corneliu Vadim Tudor: 4.22 per cent, Kelemen Hunor: 3.26 per cent, Sorin Oprescu: 3.18 per cent, George Becali: 2 per cent.

In his speech after the exit polls were announced, Traian Basescu said it is a victory for the referendum, adding that more than 50 per cent of Romanians went to the polls and about 80 per cent voted in favour of a unicameral parliament.

In his turn Mircea Geoana pleaded for unity and thanked all Romanians who went to the polls. Geoana said that after winning the presidency, Romania will start rebuilding confidence and rebuilding the country.

Liberal Crin Antonescu also thanked the citizens for casting their ballots. Antonescu said “we showed that it is possible to fight.” He criticized the opinion polls released during the day on Sunday as well as the so-called “electoral tourism.”Antonescu pleaded for patience, saying the official vote counting should be expected.

Sorin Oprescu said he had proposed a new pattern, of an independent person because the parties have failed in their mission. I hope my message has been heard by Romanians and I thank them all, Oprescu said, adding that he will continue to support his message.

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