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February 9, 2023

International press reactions

The international press views the first ballot of presidential elections in Romania from different angles, yet, many articles refer to the need for the next president to contribute to the formation of a stable government.

AFP: Traian Basescu and Mircea Geoana should launch negotiations in order to be victorious in the runoff ballot, with Liberals being in the best position to influence the election outcome. According to AFP, they are in a key position, ready to associate themselves with who’s to offer more.

‘Financial Times’: Many analysts expect the supporters of the third-ranking candidate, Crin Antonescu, to endorse Geoana. The paper also notices the popular support for the referendum surrounding a unicameral parliament.

Austrian daily newspaper ‘Kurier’: Under the headline ‘Romania’s next president must put things in order’, the paper outlines the notion that the candidate to win the second round of the election will bear the responsibility of ‘taking this deeply-affected country out of this lengthy crisis.’

‘Der Standard’: ‘The presidential elections in Romania have been marked by incidents,’ with parties trading election-rigging accusations. The paper writes that the election was monitored by OSCE observers, whose preliminary observations speak of certain ‘irregularities’.

‘Associated Press’: A host of information circulated Sunday about likely frauds, as much more voters than normal cast their ballots at 3,500 special ballot stations. The agency quotes witnesses saying mini vans carried voters to cast ballots, having voted elsewhere.

‘Il Messaggero’: The voting day sum-up is marked by a low turnout and claims of irregularities. Voter turnout abroad was at its highest in the Republic of Moldova, Italy, Spain, Belgium and France.

‘Il Sole 24 Ore’: These elections are decisive, twenty years after the fall of communism, with the Romanian Constitution giving the president executive powers resembling the French model.

RTL Info: The turnout in the first round of Romanian presidential elections was of 53.52 per cent, higher than expected. The website also reports that, according to exit polls, the incumbent president and the Social-Democrat leader go to runoffs.

France 2: announces the exit poll results, reminding that the elections have in view to clarify the political landscape and invigorate the reforms deadlocked after the fall of the Emil Boc Government.

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