SIE to get EUR 1 M for soldiers in reserve

In full-blown financial crisis the Foreign Intelligence Service’s budget will be supplemented by RON 4.2 M (approximately EUR 1 M), with most of the money being earmarked for partially covering the back payments owed to the soldiers that became reservists in the first part of this year. According to Mediafax, the sum will be taken from the Government’s budget reserve fund, in accordance with a draft Government decision.

‘The supplementation of the Foreign Intelligence Service’s budget by RON 4.2 M is approved, with RON 800,000 to be spent for goods and services and RON 3.4 M for social assistance. By adopting the law we ensure the financing of expenditures on goods and services that are needed for the proper functioning of the institution, as well as that of the partial payment of the assistance owed to the military personnel that became reservists in the first part of 2009,’ the project shows. The law on offering salary and other rights to the military personnel of the public institutions of national defence, public order and national security establishes that when they become reservists or they retire the military personnel receive a non-taxable aid established in relation to the gross monthly salary they received in the month in which the change took place and to the length of service as a soldier and civilian employee within the ministries and central institutions.

The aid also goes on a yearly basis to the military personnel that directly went into retirement before the age limit legally provisioned for that move until that age limit is reached.

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