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February 9, 2023

Basescu slams PNL, claims ‘true’ Liberals don’t team up with the right wing

President Traian Basescu attacked the Liberal Party for having concluded an Alliance with Mircea Geoana’s Social Democrats during a debate about liberalism, organised by the Institute for Popular Studies (ISP) led by Democrat-Liberal Valeriu Stoica.

Basescu told the audience ‘the authentic Liberals’ are open to the people’s options, but now some members of the political class form coalitions irrespective of their political stripes only in order to find a formula for avoiding ‘the start of the state reform’.

The president reiterated that the lack of state reforms allows a legislation that creates privileged categories when it comes to salaries and pensions has nothing in common with liberalism, representing a clientele system instead.

He claims the persons that do not want to reform the state are not Liberals even if they pretend to be part of that political family. ‘At this moment the right-wing values, values that include liberal values too, are the only solution for the reformation of Romania. That is why I find it hard to believe that the affiliation between those that pretend to be part of the right-wing and those that want to reintroduce the progressive tax is not a political error. That is why I believe that lowering the state’s intervention in the Romanians’ day to day life and getting the population, the communities involved in the decisions that concern them is something that can no longer be delayed,’ Basescu stated.

In his turn Valeriu Stoica, a former president of the PNL argues that Traian Basescu represents not only the PD-L but also the PNL electorate.

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