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June 18, 2021

WB: Romania traffic accidents cost over USD 4 bln a year

Romania is placed on fifth place in Europe and Central Asia concerning the price of accidents, which is roughly estimated to 4.1 billion dollars, a World Bank report shows. Thus, direct costs in case of road traffic incidents (RTI) with victims imply emergency treatment, initial medical costs and rehabilitation, long-term treatment, insurance and legal. Indirect costs have to do with job productivity decrease caused by temporary infirmity. The economic costs of deadly accidents are estimated globally at USD 518 Bln.

For instance, in Russia, losses amount to 3 per cent of the GDP, but World Bank estimates in Europe and Central Asia costs amount to 1,5 per cent of GDP.

Most of the costs are present in high-scale economies, which are also heavily populated: Russia (with USD 34 bln), Turkey (USD 14 bln), Poland (10 bln) and Ukraine (5 bln).

In Romania, the study shows a RTI death costs USD 888,860, less than half than what it amounts to in Czech Republic or Slovenia.

As far as safety measures the report concluded the safety belt is used by 80 percent of the front seat occupants and by 20 percent of the back seat passengers, while the bikers helmet is used by 90 percent of the drivers.

World Bank experts list among the main factors contributing RTI low management of road security by the authorities, the deteriorated state of roads, lack of vehicle safety as well as the drivers’ unsuitable behaviour behind wheels. Other factors imply bad regulation regarding traffic safety as well as exponential increase in the vehicle number. Among the countries in the World Health Organization, Romania is placed 24 regarding death cases following RTI. Thus in 2007 there were 12.7 death per hundred thousand people, close to Hungary’s (12.3 percent) or Czech Republic (12 percent).

Absolute champions in this sad listing are Kazakhstan (30.6 percent) and Kyrgizstan (22.8), while the safest countries regarding traffic accidents are San Marino, Malta and The Netherlands.

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