The Law Faculty celebrates 150 years of existence

On the occasion of the anniversary of 150 years since the establishment of the Law Faculty, its president, Professor Flavius Baias, declared that the institution was and is a model of seriousness, even now, when there is an explosion of the law faculties in the country, recalling that there are now eight such faculties in Bucharest and 37 around the country, both state and private.

The anniversary ceremony was attended by guests from Romania and abroad, among whom President Traian Basescu, who decorated the faculty with the order “Merit for Education, in the rank of Great Officer,” as a sign of appreciation for the praiseworthy activity in the 150 years of existence. The Head of State also announced that the Judicial College of European Studies was decorated with the order Cultural Order in the rank of Cavalier, as a sign of appreciation for the praiseworthy activity, and also to mark the celebration of 15 years of existence. On the same occasion, President inaugurated the anniversary stamp issue occasioned by the 150 years which passed since the setting up of the Law Faculty from Bucharest. During the speech delivered on the occasion of the ceremony, Basescu pointed out that 1859 was not only the year when Prince Cuza signed the decree for the establishment of the Law Faculty, but also an important year for the history of the Romanians and for the modern Romanian state. Present at the ceremony, the minister of justice Catalin Predoiu declared that the real and full change for better of Justice will come only when the mentalities of the people involved in the practice of law in its widest sense will change. Predoiu also congratulated the professors from the Law Faculty for having created a serious and prestigious institution, and for producing, for 150 years without interruption, generations of graduates who have become practitioners of law, diplomats, statesmen or professors. Also yesterday, general prosecutor Laura Kovesi said at the Law Faculty that the problems of the legal system can be solved if there is a dialogue between the practitioners and the theoreticians from the domain of Justice.

“The current challenges of Romanian Justice, such as the adoption of new codes, can find an answer in a process of continuous reflection,” Kovesi added. Bogdan Licu, vice president of the Superior Council of Magistracy, also delivered a short speech during the ceremony, saying that an efficient Justice cannot be separated from the existence of a coherent and clear legislation, the resources required to guarantee the free access of the citizens to its services.

The president of the Constitutional Court of Romania, Ioan Vida, also declared that considering the exercise of the more and more important role of the Court, it is necessary to take appropriate legislative measures at least in connection with the personnel and the budget of the institution.

The president of the Court of Justice of the European Communities (CJCE) from Luxembourg, Vassilios Skouris, congratulated the Law Faculty from Bucharest, about which he said that it is acknowledged by CJCE, mentioning the example of one of the professors, Camelia Toader, an appreciated judge at the Court. He received, during the ceremony for the anniversary of 150 years since the establishment of the Faculty, the academic title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Bucharest.

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