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July 31, 2021

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Romanian company IIRUC Service provide
EUR 350,000 worth of services to Aval Bank

Romanian IT service provider IIRUC Service and Raiffeisen Aval Bank Ukraine have signed a new agreement for the provision of IT services in the value of EUR 350,000, according to a press release. The project that has been recently started in Ukraine completes the banking application integration services provided under the previously performed EUR 1 M contract. Under the new agreement, IIRUC Service will provide auditing services for the bank’s IT infrastructure and technical support during the IT solution integration, planning and optimisation processes. IIRUC Service will also test and deploy technical integration specifications for the Service Oriented Architecture, WebSphere Message Broker and MQ Business Integration Adapters. IIRUC Service finished the first six months of the year with a turnover of EUR 4.7 M, 84 per cent higher than in 2008 and expects annual turnover to exceed EUR 10 M.

Uniqa Insurances SMS to warn against bad weather

Uniqa Insurances will warn its clients ahead of extreme weather events. Thus, the company will freely offer a SMS or e-mail warning system to the clients that sign an insurance policy or that renew their existing policy. The system will warn against rainfalls, snowfalls or hail. ‘Our target for the RCA is to close 150,000 – 160,000 contracts, hence we will have 150,000 – 160,000 clients for this warning system that we will offer starting in January and that will run until 2010 when the policies expire,’ Alfred Vlcek, the Vice-President of Uniqa Insurances, stated yesterday in a press conference. The meteorological warning service was launched in partnership with Ubimet, a supplier of meteorological services in Central and Eastern Europe.

In the 2007-2008 campaign Uniqa closed 130,000 RCA insurances. Uniqa will pay for the damages caused by meteorological phenomena to its clients irrespective of whether the clients took precautionary measures after receiving the warning message. The company could offer this service to local authorities too, with negotiations set to start in this view. This service is already active in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Uniqa Insurances has 600,000 clients in its total portfolio. In the first six months the company underwrote premiums worth RON 248.33 M, 8 per cent lower than the level registered in June 2008. The company’s net profit grew by 260 per cent to approximately RON 5 M.

Jerome Olive –
general manager Dacia since 2010

Jerome Olive was appointed yesterday, in the meeting of the General Assembly of the Shareholders, member of Dacia Board, and from January 1 he will hold the position of general manager of the company in the place of Francois Fourmont, Mediafax informs. Renault group holds 99.4 per cent of Dacia Automobile shares. Francois Fourmont became in 1999 general manager of Auto Chassis International and CEO of SNT (Societe Nouvelle de Transmissions), and in July 2003 was appointed general manager of Dacia. Starting on January 1, 2010, Fourmont will be pensioned off.

Cefin Romania concludes EUR 5 M deal with Izometal

Biggest Iveco commercial vehicle dealer Cefin Romania has closed this year’s biggest felt sale deal, Money.ro informs. The Izometal group of companies OF Timisoara bought 56 trucks for almost EUR 5 M from Iveco, making important savings from the financing conditions and purchasing price. The agreement with Izometal would have been an important one even under the 2008 market conditions, but in 2009, when the commercial vehicle market is down 75-80 per cent, it is a genuine hit, Iveco and Cefin managers say.

Siemens: the fourth edition of hi!tech magazine in Romanian

Siemens SRL presents the fourth edition in Romanian of the magazine “hi!tech.” Starting in October 2008, the magazine is edited and adapted in the Romanian language by the Corporate Communications department of Siemens SRL. The fourth edition of the magazine contains 50 full color pages and is now available exclusively online, as an E-Book application. “We decided to start this project pushed by the wish to offer the public the possibility to get informed about the challenges of the 21st century and the solutions that we have already implemented at world level. Siemens concentrates its business in three sector of activity: energy, industry and health. All these are part of our everyday life and we are proud to be a powerful player in this fight. In the future, the content of the magazine will be adapted also with news and local case studies,” declared Dan Santimbreanu, PR Manager Siemens SRL and coordinator of “hi!tech” project in Romanian.

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