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August 18, 2022

‘Curentul’ publishes SRI-alleged document over Iliescu-Geoana-Nastase meeting

A document purportedly authored by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and published in Friday’s issue of the ‘Curentul’ daily newspaper makes a summing-up of a purported meeting between Ion Iliescu, Mircea Geoana and Adrian Nastase about the electoral campaign, which also makes reference to the Postal Service, CEC, Oltchim and Romgaz. According to the paper, the document, which is undated and lacks a registration number, refers to ‘notes’ found in the proximity of the editorial office, which drew attention, given they ‘contained specific identification elements.’ The document is an abstract of talks between Social-Democrat leaders Iliescu, Geoana and Nastase over the electoral campaign and mustering Liberal support in the presidential election runoff. The talks also make references to Romgaz, the Postal Service, Oltchim and CEC, with Iliescu supposedly telling Adrian Nastase to contact Dinu Patriciu in order to ‘reassure him over Romgaz’. In his turn, Geoana allegedly said many would be upset if Oltchim were yielded o Dan Voiculescu, and ‘Vantu wants the Postal Service and CEC.’ The Postal Service and CEC are often referenced by President Traian Basescu in his speeches accusing the moguls of being interested in such takeovers. The honourary president of the Social-Democrat Party (PSD), Ion Iliescu, said on Friday that the document published by the press and allegedly belonging to the SRI is but ‘a mean fabrication’, as he never approached the alluded topics with the persons mentioned in the minutes. ‘We have never had three-way talks, on those topics especially. This is a mean fabrication, I have no other comment on it,’ Iliescu said, answering a question.

The head of the SRI Press Bureau, Sorin Sava, said on Friday that the documents published by the press and credited to the SRI are some ‘gross fakes, an obvious forgery and manipulation’. ‘I can say the notes don’t resemble those used by the Romanian Intelligence Service, and following a careful analysis by our experts, it clearly resulted they are but gross fakes, belonging to a similar series of documents on which the Service has also informed over time,’ Sorin Sava said.

Social-Democrat presidential runner Mircea Geoana on Friday called the publication of alleged-SRI documents over electoral campaign talks between Social-Democrat leaders ‘a press intoxication and campaign blow.’

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