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October 6, 2022

PSD leader: Johannis to have ultimate say on ministers

On Monday, Johannis met with Geoana and Antonescu in Bucharest for the first time after the two had signed the co-operation pact. After the meeting, Geoana reassured that Johannis ‘would have the last say on who would be on his team’, adding that a stand-alone pact would need to be signed to give Johannis guarantees. ‘After the presidential election, the parties in the future majority and the nominated prime-minister will have to sign a distinct agreement where we can offer Mr. Johannis some safeguards regarding the way in which the majority would operate. We, the leaders of the two central parties of the majority, are willing to give Mr. Johannis the opportunity of expression in a political government, while also preserving and respecting his independence’, the PSD leader said. Asked what could happen if Johannis did not agree with a minister nominated by PSD, Geoana said: ‘Johannis has the ultimate say on the structure of his Cabinet.’

‘If someone we propose is not accepted Johannis, Johannis will be entitled to refuse our proposal’.

johannis: my term will be as long as it will be. i will not demand guarantees.

Klaus Johannis however says he will not ask for any personal guarantees for his term as prime-minister, but he also says people he doesn’t want will not be appointed to the Cabinet’.

‘If I am assigned the task of setting up a Government, every portfolio will be the subject of a very serious discussion (…) I will nominate people with whom I will be able to work’, said the Sibiu mayor. He pointed out the ministries will be shared by the parties in the future majority.

Flutur: We support Negoita

PDL Vice-President Gheorghe Flutur said that the meeting of PSD, PNL and Johannis was ‘a campaign exercise,’ stating that PDL still supports the appointed pm Liviu Negoita.

‘It is nothing else than a campaign exercise. If the Speaker of the Senate, Mircea Geoana, had treated all these things with responsibility, they would have met in order for the Parliament to make a decision regarding the Negoita Government either way, but, instead, they have chosen to play extra time,’ Flutur said.

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