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Romania in second seed bowl for Euro 2012 Qualifiers

UEFA publicized on Wednesday the seeds of the Euro 2012 Qualifiers. Taking into account the results it registered in the period lasting from the World Cup 2006 Qualifiers to the World Cup 2010 Qualifiers, the Romanian national football team is part of the second seed bowl.

Here are the six seed bowls:

Pot 1: Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, Croatia, Portugal, France, Russia

Pot 2: Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Denmark, Slovakia, Romania

Pot 3: Israel, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Austria, Bosnia

Pot 4: Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Belarus, Belgium, Wales, Macedonia, Cyprus

Pot 5: Montenegro, Albania, Estonia, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Iceland, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein

Pot 6: Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Malta, Faeroe Islands, Andorra, San Marino.

The draws for the EC 2012 Qualifiers groups will take place on February 7 in Warsaw, Poland. The top teams and the best second-place teams in the groups’ stage will qualify for the final tournament. The other eight second-place teams will face each other in the play-offs.

Tennis: European Champion in the U-16 category

Romania’s Elena Cadar has topped the 2009 standings of the Tennis Europe Junior U-16 category after playing three important finals this year and winning two of them, namely a category 1 final in Ulm (Germany) and a category 2 final in Brno (Czech Republic), Agerpres informs. Simona Ionescu was second in the standings. This is the second consecutive year when two Romanian players top the U-16 standings after Cristina Dinu and Ingrid Radu achieved the same in 2008. The player of the year award goes to the top three performances registered by European players, based on categories of age. The prizes for each of the winners are given by the Polar Company and consist of EUR 400 each, the Romanian Tennis Federation informs. The top tennis players that received such an award during their junior days include Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Mario Ancic, Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin and Alexandra Dulgheru.

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Raid within Europa Center,
traders attack police forces

A raid conducted by the fiscal authorities yesterday within Bucharest’s ‘Europa’ Center sparked the fury of more than 300 traders that attacked the police forces with chairs, pieces of wood and other blunt objects. One firefighter was injured and four persons were arrested. Christian Ciocan, the spokesperson of the Bucharest Police, stated for Mediafax that the incidents started after several Chinese citizens that own booths within the center showed up on Wednesday morning in order to talk with the center’s administrators about certain taxes. The talks failed and the traders started to protest noisily so that the police tried to calm the situation in the area. A small fire started during the incidents, with the firefighters called at the scene coming under attack too. Ciocan stated that one firefighter was beaten by the protesters after he tried to put out several items that caught fire in the center. The firefighter did not need hospitalization, being treated on the spot. A group of four persons were taken to Precinct 7 for hearings. Representatives of the National Authority for Fiscal Administration (ANAF), the Financial Guard and customs officers showed up on Wednesday within the ‘Europa’ center in order to check and make an inventory of the booths that had been closed down after last week’s raids. Florin Hulea, the spokesperson of the Special Intervention Brigade from within the Gendarmerie, stated that approximately 70-80 persons immediately showed up on the scene, with their number gradually climbing to 300. The persons started to throw chairs, pieces of wood and other blunt objects at the gendarmes that were accompanying the representatives of the fiscal control institutions.

Authors of Resita game shop
robbery- caught

Tuesday night in Resita, two masked men entered a game shop in Resita and, after pointing a knife at the shop employees fled with 8,000 RON. After a search was put together by local police forces, the two men allegedly involved and an accomplice were caught. The stolen cell-phones and the masks used during the robbery were found on them, as well as a part of the stolen sum, around 6,000 RON. The two men, of 27 and 24 years respectively, were caught after approximately 4 hours; they were stopped in traffic while in a cab. The two robbers were allegedly helped by another man, 23 years old, from Resita, in whose house the masks and the rest of 1,000 RON were found.

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Commissioner Cretu, at the presentation conference of the Country Report for Romania: Not all Romanians benefit from economic growth. Poverty remains an important problem for Romania and regional inequalities increase. FinMin Teodorovici: EU officials only feign interest in citizens, everyone for themselves The Country Report presented by the European Commission that includes Romania in the imbalanced states’ category was drafted based on media-provided information and placed in a wrong context, and the European officials often only feign interest in the EU citizens, while seeing to their own interest, Romanian Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici on Friday told an event organised by the European Commission, on the launch of the Country Report. “Romania was parked in the category of the states with imbalances although only one indicator in the scoreboard related to the analysis exceeds the specific reference criterion, namely the GDP percentage of the net international investment position. Since 2012, the value of this indicator has improved by 19.7pct, up to 47.7pct of GDP in 2017. It is a more than favourable evolution, yet the Commission has chosen to place Romania in the category of the states with imbalances, even if the thresholds associated with this indicator are currently exceeded by 13 EU Member States,” the minister said. According to Teodorovici, out of the 15 countries that are not facing imbalances, none is observing the ceilings specific to all of the indicators in the scoreboard. He added that the officials at the helm of the European Commission are concerned with the citizens’ welfare only at a declarative level. “Speaking of equality at European level, I try to recall or read in fact on my papers what the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was saying in his speech on the state of the country in 2017: ‘I will not accept that food of lower quality be sold in certain parts of Europe than in other countries, although the packaging and branding are identical. We must offer the national authorities increased competencies in order to eliminate any illegal practices.’ What is the outcome today? It is the end of the current EC mandate and these competencies have not been granted. So, in terms of double standard, we are witnessing some positive statements, unaccompanied by regulations, though. The EU only seems concerned with the issue of the food’s double standard,” the Finance minister asserted. Teodorovici highlighted that European Commissioner Corina Cretu, attending the event, is running for the European Parliament which in his opinion, does not make her a representative dialogue partner at EU level. He recommended that the European officials never use in their reports misleading articles from the national media which in his opinion, are totally incorrect and irresponsible. Upon leaving, the minister was asked by the journalists what is it with this anti-European message. “My message is not anti-European, I’m a pro-European person, this is me my entire life, I was also involved in the negotiation concerning Romania’s accession to the EU and in attracting EU funds, and not only. Am I criticising? I’ll criticise anyone who has an unfair approach with regard to Romania, if this is an anti-European message, then so be it. If one calls a spade a spade that doesn’t mean he-she is anti-European. All the small countries should be treated in the same way as the other countries,” Teodorovici stressed.


Thirteen cars set ablaze in Bucharest’s Drumul Taberei district

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Basescu enacted the law which
empowers the dismissed Government
to send budget to Parliament

The President Traian Basescu promulgated yesterday the law through which the dismissed Government is empowered to forward the state budget, the social insurance budget and the fiscal responsibility law to Parliament, Mediafax informs. According to a press release of the Presidential Administration, President Traian Basescu signed on Wednesday the Decree regarding the enactment of the Law for completion of art. 26 of Law 90/2001 regarding the organization and functioning of the Government of Romania and of the ministries.

Aurelian Oil sees resource upgrades across portfolio

Britain’s Aurelian Oil & Gas Plc said on Tuesday it expected resource upgrades across its wider portfolio in the near future. Aurelian, which has a portfolio of concessions in Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, said the new findings would also include an upgrade in estimates of contingent resources at its flagship Siekierki project in Poland. The company was responding to a report by the Financial Times on Tuesday that Aurelian could soon announce “a large gas find”. Aurelian confirmed that a new competent persons report prepared by Gaffney Cline & Associates was nearing completion. Aurelian shares were flat at 22.5 pence at 1325 GMT on the London Stock Exchange.

Eurostat: Industrial production prices up by 0.2 pc in EU this October

Compared to the month before the industrial production prices in the EU grew by 0.2 percent in October, with the Euro Area registering a growth of 0.2 percent too, Eurostat informs, being quoted by Agerpres. Among the EU member states the highest industrial production price hikes were registered in Great Britain (+1.7 percent), Greece, France and Netherlands (+0.9 percent). The steepest drops registered by the industrial production prices were registered in Lithuania (-1.2 percent), Latvia (-0.7 percent), Denmark, Hungary and Portugal (-0.5 percent). Eurostat did not publicize its data on the evolution of the industrial production prices in Romania in October.

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EPP supports Basescu…

‘President Traian Basescu has proven that he has the desire to change Romania and that he knows how to fight for European ideas, with the result of the recent referendum being proof in that direction,’ the leaders of the European People’s Party and of the EPP group within the European Parliament, stated yesterday in a communiqué. Wilfried Martens, the president of the EPP, and Joseph Daul, the head of the EPP group within the EP, expressed their confidence in President Basescu’s victory in the Presidential run-off, stating that this ‘is the responsible solution during the period of economic-financial crisis that Romania goes through.’

…PES backs
Mircea Geoana

The president of the party of the European Socialists (PES), Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, declared on Wednesday, at Iasi, in an electoral meeting of the PSD candidate to Presidency, that it is time for change and that “Romania will not have a good fate” if Traian Basescu is reelected. PES president declared at the electoral meeting held in the Sports Hall from Iasi that stability and a new government are needed in Bucharest. “Both Romania and the whole Europe are confronted with a crisis, and Traian Basescu proposes to cut by 20 per cent the number of the civil servants. It is a wrong method. We need stability and a new government in Bucharest,” Rasmussen declared.

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