The politicians’ vote, between continuity and change

Like in the first round, the politicians cast their vote early in the morning. If the Democrat-Liberals and the supporters of Traian Basescu showed that their votes were given for continuity, Mircea Geoana and his team and the Liberals partners inclined towards change.

Traian Basescu voted at 09.00 h., at “A.D. Xenopol” Economic College from Bucharest. The President was accompanied by his wife Maria and by their two daughters. Leaving the ballot cabin, Traian Basescu said laughing: “It was very difficult for me to choose.” “Let’s hope for the best!” Basescu added, when he dropped the voting bulletin into the urn. After he voted, the Head of State declared for the journalists: “First of all I am thinking to those whose names are connected with Saint Nicholas, and I want to wish and a happy life together with their families to those who are named after the saint. And I am also thinking to the people from Sannicolau Mare, where I announced my candidacy. I wish them also .”

Mircea Geoana, the PSD candidate to the Presidency declared, after he voted at Jean Monnet High School in Bucharest, that he has not yet received any present from Saint Nicholas, but he hopes to receive something on Sunday evening. Geoana declared for the journalists that he voted confident and full of hope and he is hopeful that the end of the year will bring unity and stability to the Romanians.

The PSD candidate launched an appeal for a big participation to the vote, regardless of the option. “I hope that many people will come to the vote, the stake is important, I mean the destiny of this country. (…) It is very important for the future president to have a solid popular support,” Geoana said. He also came together with his wife and his two children to the vote.

PNL president Crin Antonescu declared that he expressed his vote thinking to free Romania from a nightmare, from a black chapter, and appealed to the Romanians to go the ballot stations. “I hope that many Romanians will come today with this thought, namely to give Romania a chance to normality, to change in the right direction, to liberation from all that this black chapter means,” Antonescu added. The same also mentioned that he has reserves towards the exit-polls, and will monitor the counting of the votes.

The mayor of Sibiu, Klaus Johannis, whom Geoana announced as premier if he becomes president, declared from Sibiu that he opted for his “team,” saying that he expects the future head of state to be “a real president for the Romanians.” “Today it was very easy, I voted for my team,” Johannis said, leaving the ballot center. He mentioned that he would celebrate Saint Nicholas waiting for the result of the vote, which will be hopefully correct.

The social-democrat honourary president Ion Iliescu said, after he voted at Jean Monnet High School from Bucharest, that he voted for change and hopes that the Romanians will go in big number to vote. “I believe that the majority of people understand that it is impossible to continue the way it has been all these years and we have to bring normality and mutual respect,” he declared.

Interim PM Emil Boc voted in Cluj “for a president that would continue the modernization of the country, not for a president that would turn Romania the face towards the past.”

PDL secretary general Vasile Blaga opined that the Romanians vote in full knowledge and the first vice president Theodor Stolojan expressed his hope that the turnout would be like in the first round.

UDMR president Marko Bela voted yesterday morning, at Sancraiu de Mures, Mures County, saying that he opted for change and for governmental stability.

The former Liberal president Calin Popecu Tariceanu declared leaving the ballot center that he wants the elections to mean “the end of the political crisis which affects Romania.” In his turn, the Liberal businessman Dinu Patriciu, who is under the focus of the criticism formulated by the current President, declared that he voted for a beneficial change and for peace.

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