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Dolce Interactiv, new IPTV service launched in 10 cities

Romtelecom’s new IPTV service is now available in 10 large cities for customers that have the right broadband connection, a Romtelecom communiqué informs. IPTV (internet protocol television) represents a system that delivers the TV service on the internet through an operator’s network, based on a subscription. Starting this December Dolce Interactiv will be available in 10 cities – Bucharest, Iasi, Constanta, Timisoara, P. Neamt, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Bacau, Ploiesti and Braila. Thus, Romtelecom becomes the first Romanian company that offers such a wide coverage for the IPTV service. The coverage, as well as the functions offered to the users will be gradually expanded in the future.

According to the market studies conducted for Romtelecom this year, the consumption of TV services has certain characteristics that have encouraged the company to introduce the IPTV. Thus, the Romanian customers are interested in keeping up with the new technologies. The TV users seek diversity and quality content, increasingly turning towards niche channels, at the expense of those with general content. Thus, the customers are giving precise indications that they are expecting even more from their experience. The customers that subscribe to Dolce Interactiv will benefit from the promotional 100 per cent discount offer until the end of March 2010 and from gratuity for the first receiver with no hard disk.

Continental continues investment
in tire plant in Timisoara

Continental, the producer of auto components, will invest tens of millions of Euros in expanding the tire plant in Timisoara by constructing a new master batch ward for processing raw resources, ‘Ziarul Financiar’ informs. The company representatives did not want to reveal the exact value of the investment, but in view of the average investment needed for building such a site that value could reach EUR 50 M. Apart from that, Continental finalized a EUR 20 M investment in Iasi where it built an office building in which 500 employees will be working. ‘We are continuing to implement the Timisoara plant’s long-term development strategy. This investment shows our commitment towards this plant,’ Thierry Wipff, the director of the Continental tire plant, stated. At the end of last month Continental finalized the construction of a 9,000 square meter office building in Iasi, after an investment of EUR 20 M. 500 employees from the Research and Development Center that belongs to the Siemens VDO division will work there. ‘For 2010 we forecast a slight market recovery compared to the current year, however its level will be very low compared to the previous years. Our production will be adapted to the market demand,’ Ildiko Kovacs, Continental’s PR director, stated.

RCS&RDS launches new 7.2 Mbps mobile internet service
for RON 15 at most

RCS&RDS, one of the largest local telecom operators has launched its Digi Net Mobil 7.2 Mbps mobile internet service in Bucharest too. Digi Net Mobil is available at national level since the summer at speeds of 384 Kpbs and in seven large cities (Timisoara, Bihor, Brasov, Craiova, Constanta, Cluj and Iasi) at speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. In Bucharest, just like in the other cities, Digi Net Mobil is available on PCs (through USB modem) and on mobile phones thus: in special priced subscriptions for the ones subscribed to other RCS&RDS services – RON 0 for those subscribed to Fiberlink 2 or Cablelink 2 (internet of up to 100 Mbps) and RON 10 (including VAT) for those subscribed to Fiberlink 1 or Cablelink 1 (internet of up to 50 Mbps), for those subscribed to the cable TV or satellite Digi TV services with per traffic tariffs of EUR 0.1/1 Mb for the Digi Mobile clients with subscriptions of EUR 0; in RON 15 (including VAT) subscriptions for those exclusively subscribed to Digi Net Mobil. Along with the expansion of the 7.2 Mbps mobile internet service, RCS&RDS has launched a special EUR 2 offer for those subscribed to mobile phone services, whose tariff per traffic level stood at EUR 0.05/1 Mb.

Renault and Dacia to sell 500,000 low-cost cars this year despite the crisis

Renault and Dacia will sell 500,000 low-cost cars this year, a level similar to the one registered last year, despite the financial crisis and the recession that ‘wreaked havoc’ for the low-cost car segment on some key markets, a Renault official stated yesterday, being quoted by Reuters. Gerard Detourbet, Vice-President of the French Group’s entry-level project, pointed out that the sales could even be ‘somewhat larger than the ones registered last year, despite the crisis.’ ‘Brazil has already taken off once again and I believe Russia could follow it relatively quickly,’ he stated. Renault and Dacia sold 435,000 entry-level automobiles such as the Logan and Sandero models in the first ten months of this year, compared to 509,451 sold in the whole of 2008. According to Renault Group, Germany surpassed Romania in the top sales of low-cost vehicles, because of the ‘car scrap’ program that the German government conducted in the first eight months of the year. Renault and Dacia will launch the 4×4 Duster model in Europe, Turkey and North America next spring.

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