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January 28, 2022

December 9, International Anti-corruption Day

The International Anti-corruption Day was marked yesterday, the General Anti-corruption Office (DGA) informs, being quoted by Mediafax. The DGA states that alongside the other scourges of this century – terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime – acts of corruption are systematically undermining the state.

‘December 9 marks the UN’s International Anti-corruption Day, the fight against a phenomenon that, alongside the other scourges of this century, namely terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime, is systematically undermining the state authorities’ and the world bodies’ legitimate efforts to curb the negative effects of this form of criminality,’ the DGA shows. The DGA works under the authority of the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs. ‘Whether it manifests itself in the shape of systematic and profoundly elaborated acts, or it takes place spontaneously with not prior preparation, whether it involves one or several persons, corruption remains the same phenomenon of maximum threat to the general interest through the fact that it apriorically entails putting the public authority on the negotiating table,’ DGA explains.

According to the aforementioned source, Romania took decisive steps towards fighting corruption both during the pre-accession period and as an EU member state, steps that have materialized in the creation of specialized institutions that are compatible with the relevant continental bodies and in the creation of a proper legislative framework.

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