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November 27, 2021

European elections: Police probe near 10,000 multiple vote cases

Fraud allegations meanwhile re-emerged surrounding European Parliament elections, which were held on June 7 this year. Police said yesterday they would probe 9,959 possible cases of multiple voting in the election, based on information received from the Permanent Election Authority (AEP). The authorities are already investigating 1,310 cases of multiple voting in the EP elections, the police said in a press release.

“We underline that following the transmission of data on possible cases of multiple vote in European Parliament elections from the Permanent Election Authorities, the Romanian Police has opened 687 criminal files, 77 of which have already been completed and submitted to prosecutors,” the release adds.

The AEP said on Tuesday that it was still running checks on 2,500 people whose names appear twice in lists of voters in the EP election. The authority also said that the deadline for checks on EP voter lists was of six months after the poll, explaining thus how come these cases are made public only now.

A day after the poll, then Interior Minister Dan Nica vowed that stern measures would be taken against anybody who voted twice or more in EP elections. Nica said about 600,000 people voted on supplementary lists and that all of them would be checked, so as to establish if anyone voted more than once.

AEP had to check voter lists after the government changed EP election laws so as to allow people to vote in any ballot stations, even if not in their town of residence. To prevent any fraud cases, the government decided to have the AEP check all lists of voters with the help of special software, to identify any people who voted more than once, PM Emil Boc said at the time.

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