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December 7, 2021

‘Breakfast with Prayer’ at Parliament Palace attended by officials, ambassadors

Gitenstein: A strong society’s secret lies in reconciliation.

Invited to participate at the event “Breakfast with Prayer,” US Ambassador Mark Gitenstein on Thursday said fight is good, especially in politics but love and reconciliation should prevail.

The event “Breakfast with Prayer” was organized at the Parliament Palace by the Parliament’s Ecumenical Group, under the patronage of Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana and the Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase.

Gitenstein was invited to talk about family and reconciliation. “I noticed Romanians like to fight and this is a good thing, in American families we fight, especially in Jewish families, such as my own. But the secret of strong families lies in reconciliation,” the US Ambassador said, adding that Romania finds itself in the middle of a large family conflict.

“For a democracy born out of a totalitarian regime, such as Romania, some family ideas coming from the US should be welcome,” he said. “First of all, the Government should not undermine family, it can be a moral leader but it should not impose its point of view over the minority,” Gitenstein said.

He added that, when conflicts arise within a family, that is a society, “the first instinct of its members should be to appeal to love, understanding and reconciliation.”

Gitenstein, who also recalled his Romanian and Moldovan roots during his speech at the ecumenical meeting, said, quoting a well known passage from the Bible, “a time has come for Romanians to heal and love, to embrace their like for love and reconciliation.”

At Thursday’s event there were invited to participate 200 people from 22 countries, representatives of 18 different religious cults.

Robin Barnett: UK will work well with the new president and government

The United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Bucharest, Robin Barnett on Thursday said his country has had good relationships with all the political parties in Romania, and the UK will work well with the new president and government.

Barnett also said, during a meeting with the media, that, as an ambassador, he keeps away from expressing a position regarding Romania’s domestic politics. “I however noticed that President Basescu said a right procedure would be to allow the Constitutional Court to rule on the election process. And as I understand, before the runoff, both candidates said their priority would be to have a stable government as soon as possible. So, it looks like all political parties are waiting with interest for the Court’s rule. And from that moment on, the UK will maintain the best of relationships with who will be the president elect.”

Also, according to Barnett, the UK has acknowledged the naming of Dacian Colos as agriculture commissary with joy. “Dacian Colos has very good contacts in all European countries, and while he was minister, we have collaborated very well together.”

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