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February 9, 2023

Students protest election fraud at Cotroceni Palace

About 150 students staged a protest across the street from Cotroceni Palace on Thursday afternoon, denouncing election fraud and carrying banners with messages such as “We don’t want a president of the dead.”

The students protested for about 20 minutes, without authorization for a rally. They declared their affiliation to the National Student Union and were carrying a wooden cross reading the word ‘voter’ and a coffin in which a young man was simulating the voting process. In the coffin, there were also two makeshift ballot boxes marked “dead” and “alive,” in reference to election fraud allegations that deceased people also appeared on voter lists.

During their protest, the students yelled slogans such as “We want justice,” “We are not thieves,” “We want democracy,” Thieves, thieves,” “The dead voted too.”

When the demonstration was ending, two protesters’ leaders tried to break through the law enforcement line and cross the street towards Cotroceni Palace, ignoring police calls to stop. The two were detained by police and taken to precinct 17. The two will be fined between RON 1,000 and 2,500 for holding an unauthorized protest.

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