President: Russian Ambassadors’ statement on Cold War ‘unfortunate’

In reply to a statement by Russia’s ambassador in Bucharest, President Basescu said Friday he has to draw the ambassador’s attention the time of the Cold War indeed passed and ‘no more centres of influences can be created in Romanian politics’, or if they are, they will be ‘cut off’, Mediafax informs.

Basescu referred to a statement by Russian Ambassador to Bucharest Aleksandr Ciurilin, who said the Cold War was over, answering a question over a debate surrounding Mircea Geoana’s informal visit to Moscow. The ambassador also said Russia would not get involved in the electoral campaign in Romania. President Basescu called the statement by Russia’s ambassador unfortunate, adding he would personally draw the ambassador’s attention the time of the Cold War was over. ‘Russian press need not transfer the campaign in Romania to Moscow too, and cover it extensively in favour of candidate Geoana,’ he said. During the electoral campaign for Presidency, the subject of the relations between Romania and Russia was frequently on the agenda of the candidates. During the final debate of last week, Traian Basescu reproached Mircea Geoana his private visit to Moscow. “I would rather not pay visits (to Russia – editor’s note) but the Romanian firms would sign contracts of USD 250 M,” Basescu said, and Geoana retorted: “There is one year since you aren’t received at the Kremlin because you have such an aggressive policy, that neither Russia nor our partners understand.”

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