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September 29, 2022

Severe weather alert for blizzard and snow

As of today until Thursday at noon, heavy snow will fall in all the regions, the weather specialists warn.

In the South and the East of the country, and also in the mountains, the precipitations will exceed locally 20-25 liters per sq m., the wind will intensify and blizzard will rage. In Dobrogea and South Muntenia, in the first half of the period, the precipitations will be mixed and there will be glazed frost.

According to Realitatea TV, the weather specialists also announced that today will be the first blizzard day this winter. The precipitations multiply throughout the country. In North and in the center it will snow, while in the remaining regions snow will alternate with rain and sleet. The snowflakes will be absent in the extreme Southeast of the country, where rains alone are expected. The wind will intensify in the Southwest and South producing snowdrifts. The maximum temperatures of 5 – 6 degrees C from Dobrogea will be the highest in the country. In the remaining regions we shall have values ranging from minus 3 to plus 3 degrees C.

On Wednesday, the weather cools off and the precipitations turn into snow. On the littoral alone there will be sleet. The wind will intensify in the whole country, in the Southeast reaching 50 km per hour. The coldest weather will be in North Moldavia, where -4…-5 degrees will be hardly at noon. Positive but low temperatures will only be in the Western Plain: 1-2 degrees C at Timisoara, Oradea and Satu Mare. On the seashore, at Constanta, there will be 4 degrees C.

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