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December 9, 2022

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Video News Network –
exponential growth in 2009

Video News Network (VNN), Romania’s only platform for online video news, registered in 2009 an exponential growth of partner web sites, as it was able to draw over 150 premium sites in its network, within less than a year of existence, which secured an audience of more than 7 million sole visitors, VNN writes in a press release. “Compared to other companies, this year we had two supplementary challenges. First, this is a start-up business, launched at the end of 2008. Second, we had to conduct – and are still conducting – a permanent process of educating the market, as the solutions we propose are rather new for the Romanian online. The VNN platform received appreciation for its video news content, but also for how it uses it in terms of advertising,” said VNN founder Alexandra Dicu. For 2010, VNN aims to sell advertising worth at least EUR 1 M (rate card), up from nearly EUR 300,000 in 2009, given it will also launch other promoting solutions in the near future. “In addition, we envisage consolidating our partnership with Thomson Reuters and expanding our platform in other countries of Europe,” Dicu explained.

Posta Romana extends Eurogiro money orders service

‘Posta Romana’ (Romanian Post) National Company included Bulgaria on the list of countries covered by its Eurogiro money orders service, starting yesterday, the company announces in a press release, quoted by Agerpres. The maximum value of such an order is EUR 3,000 from Romania to Bulgaria, and EUR 550 the other way around. In order to use Eurogiro for the transfer of money from Romania to Bulgaria, the client must go to a post office that runs this service and fill an application form. The sum is submitted in EUR and the operation is subject to a fixed fee of RON 2.50, plus a commission fee worth 3.70 pc of the transferred sum, calculated at the day’s exchange rate, as announced by the Central Bank (BNR). The Eurogiro service is available in all post offices throughout the country that are connected to the IT network. The money orders services provided by Posta Romana are available under agreements concluded with the postal administrations of Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Greece, Israel, Japan, Luxemburg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary.

Mazda opened personalized
cinema hall

The car maker Mazda opened yesterday, within AFI Palace Cotroceni, a personalized cinema hall, according to Agerpres. The location has a capacity of 216 places, and will be personalized both within through the Mazda logo placed on the lateral walls and the head support of the seats, and also in the access area of the cinema and the entry into the hall. Upon purchase of the ticket, the people will learn whether they see the film in Mazda hall, the name on the hall being printed on the access ticket. Before each film, there will be projections with the logo and a commercial spot. “Mazda hall is a brand new project for the car market in Romania. In collaboration with Cinema City we developed this special project addressed both to Mazda fans and the film lovers,” declared Dragos Grapinoiu, marketing manager Mazda Romania. The megaplex Cinema City Cotroceni has 21 cinema halls with a total capacity of 4,234 seats, and includes the first IMAX cinema in Romania, the Samsung IMAX hall.

First transport of Ford Transit Connect vehicles assembled at Craiova was delivered

The first transport of Transit Connect utilitarian vehicles assembled at Ford plant from Craiova was delivered to the brand dealers from Romania, the company running at the same time the operational procedures necessary for the beginning of the production of the commercial vehicle, Ford Romania representatives declared, Mediafax informs. “Ford Romania is running the operational procedures required for the production of Transit Connect model, that we only assemble now. The manufacturing of a new model, a smaller one which is neither Ford Fiesta nor Ford Ka, is also scheduled to begin in the near future,” the representatives of the company said. Most of the vehicles to be produced at Craiova will be delivered to Ford partners from Europe. In connection with the volume of production, Ford Romania officials said that it will be limited to the demand of the market, which is still low. When it reaches the maximum operation capacity, the plant can manufacture up to 300,000 vehicles and 300,000 engines per year.

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