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December 1, 2022

Paleologu: “Minister can do what he wants…”

Theodor Paleologu, minister of culture, declared in an interview to Mediafax agency that a minister can do what he wants if he is supported by the President of the country and the party which brought him to the ministry.

The declaration of the interim minister of culture came further to a question regarding the Divisions on culture, religious denominations and national patrimony (DCCPN), about which Paleologu said that they should be “professionalized through their transformation into patrimony inspectorates.” Asked if the minister of culture can do this, Paleologu answered affirmatively, stressing that “the minister can do what he wants if he is supported by the President of the country and the party which brought him in the ministry.” In the interview, characterizing his term of office at the Ministry of Culture until this moment, Theodor Paleologu assured that “a year of crisis is not a year for big projects,” but he assured that he has them. Asked what budget would the Ministry of Culture need, Paleologu enumerated a range of “deficiencies” in the cultural infrastructure of the country and said that he would like a pact for the patrimony, similar to that for education. Paleologu also said that for the next year the situation of the budget that has to be allotted to the Ministry of Culture is “even worse” than in 2009. Asked how could be assured a multiannual budget for some important cultural events, as it happens with “George Enescu” Festival, minister said that Romania should have a multiannual budgetary projection, and that other festivals should have the same approach, but a persuasion activity is necessary. Minister of culture announced that contests will be organized for the appointment of new managers of several cultural institutions, among which AFCN and “George Enescu” Philharmonic, at the beginning of the next year, and new regulations were worked out for the contests of projects organized by the National Cinema Centre, which will be used for the next contest from 2010.

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