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September 29, 2022

ICCJ: Ambassador Gabriel Gafita not a Securitate collaborator

The Supreme Court (ICCJ) has definitively decided on Wednesday that Gabriel Gafita, the Romanian Ambassador to Lisbon, did not collaborate with the Securitate, admitting his appeal against the decision taken by the Bucharest Court of Appeals. On May 28 the Bucharest Court of Appeals decided that Gabriel Gafita, the Romanian Ambassador to Lisbon, had collaborated with the Securitate, thus admitting the request made by the National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives (CNSAS). The Bucharest Court of Appeals showed in the argument in favor of its ruling that Gafita had received pecuniary rewards in return for supplying information liable to expose the persons that it concerned, namely other writers. According to that argument, Gabriel Gafita was recruited as a collaborator on February 4, 1977 and received the code-name ‘Rosetty.’

Gabriel Gafita stated in July last year that he was subpoenaed by the Bucharest Court in a matter concerning the materials that the CNSAS had filed and that showed that he was allegedly recruited by the Securitate in 1977. Gafita stated that he found out about the CNSAS’s files in 2007 when he was invited for talks there.

In what concerns the code-name ‘Rosetty,’ the Ambassador stated that he was given this nickname in 2007 when he saw his CNSAS file and when the materials he was shown at that time seemed ‘flimsy’ and ‘taken out of context.’

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