PM-Designate Negoita gives up mandate

Nominated PM Liviu Negoita, the mayor of Bucharest District 3, announced that he gave up the mandate he received from the president to form a Cabinet. “I consider the end of the presidential elections brought us into a different political reality, I consider that consultations should take place without any impediment tied to me, as I was nominated more than a month ago,” Negoita told a press conference yesterday morning at the Victoria Palace. He added he expects one of his colleagues, who will be designated very soon as prime minister, to form a government that will be voted by Parliament.

Signals about Negoita giving up his mandate surfaced early this week in parliament, when the joint Permanent Bureaus wrote off the agenda the initiation of the hearing procedure in the case of the Negoita Cabinet, with the opponents being precisely the legislators of PDL and UDMR.

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