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October 23, 2021

Opposition won’t block Boc Government

Social Democrats and Liberals were not in a rush to reject the possibility of endorsing the next cabinet.

Thus PNL won’t vote for the swearing-in of the future Boc Government but won’t oppose the Ministers’ hearings either, in order for the latter to end as fast as possible, Liberal leader Crin Antonescu stated yesterday adding that he considers voting for the new Government on condition the latter has coherent programs. In his opinion, as a PM Boc is ‘the worst choice in the face of the crisis.’ The PNL leader also ended the collaboration with PSD, pointing out that ‘PNL and PSD are two parties that will be in the opposition but that won’t be tied by an alliance.’ ‘The fact that the President has nominated Emil Boc, a person who led a Government that was from our point of view the worst government after 1990 and the only Prime Minister that was sacked in Parliament through a censure motion, clearly shows that he does not care about that. The only criterion that has to be met by a Prime Minister seems to be total docility towards the President,’ Antonescu said.

Boc’s re-nomination as Prime Minister is not on PSD’s liking either, with the party having announced several days ago that if Basescu opts for a Democrat-Liberal Prime Minister the Social-Democrats will become their ‘fiercest enemies.’

‘Boc’s re-nomination is an unfortunate choice that proves that Traian Basescu’s second term will be similar to his first,’ Social-Democrat Mircea Geoana stated. Moreover, according to the PSD President, through his decision to appoint ‘an obedient Prime Minister,’ Basescu has missed the ‘chance to offer a historical reconciliation’ and to become ‘a different kind of President.’

Likewise, in his opinion ‘the huge dissatisfaction present within society will deepen’ now that Boc has been nominated. Moreover, the lack of solutions, the lack of an authentic majority within Parliament and of solidarity will represent ‘a huge burden’ both for Basescu and for Boc.

However, after making those strong statements Geoana stated that he will fight so that a government will be sworn-in as soon as possible. At the same time however Geoana added that PSD will hold a National Executive Committee meeting today in order to decide PSD’s ‘method of action and rebuff’ after entering the opposition following Boc’s nomination as Prime Minister. Geoana’s statements concerning the new government are also backed by other PSD members and by several local party leaders.

In what concerns President Basescu’s proposal for Social-Democrat Marian Sarbu to be part of the new government, Sarbu’s reply was that he would like to be the Labor Minister within the Boc Government and that he has proposed his party to be part of it. On Wednesday Basescu invited the PSD to analyze, during the two days in which he will be in Copenhagen, the possibility of taking part in a national unity government. Geoana qualified the Head of State’s proposal as ‘a Trojan horse.’

The Democrat-Liberals however were happy with Boc’s appointment and shrugged off criticism. Commenting on Geoana’s statements, PDL First Vice-President Adriean Videanu stated that the PSD leader’s reaction ‘is one which we have grown accustomed to: shallow and lacking substance. That is Mr. Geoana.’ In what concerns Boc’s nomination, Videanu stated that Traian Basescu’s choice ‘is dependent on the Romanian voters’ will and on the goals that he has set during the electoral campaign, goals that the Romanians have validated.’

PDL Vice-President Cezar Preda stated yesterday that Boc is most justified to take over the Prime Minister’s office in order to continue what he had started, pointing out that he was ‘fair both towards Romanians and towards Traian Basescu.’ Along the same lines, PDL Vice-President Ioan Oltean stated that Boc’s nomination is a normal and important one in order to continue the act of governing, adding that Boc ‘is an honest and competent man that will continue the reforms.’

As expected, the UDMR, the representatives of the minorities and the independent MPs reacted positively to Boc’s nomination as Premier. According to Mediafax, Borboly Csaba, the leader of UDMR’s Ciuc branch, considers that the nomination of Emil Boc as Premier is a good choice for the country and beneficial for the Hungarian community in Transylvania, being convinced that the PDL-UDMR government will focus more on the region’s development projects. On the other hand, Szasz Jeno, the President of the Hungarian Civic Party, considers that the Democrat-Liberals should form a minority government rather than one alongside UDMR, stating that even the option of holding early elections is preferable to a government that includes UDMR.

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