Policeman saves 40 people from freezing’

Chief policeman Viorel Spinu, 41, has rescued 40 people trapped in the no.685 express train running from Bucharest to Constanta. The train left Bucharest on Tuesday at 7.40 PM and was stranded 7 kilometers outside the Lehliu train station from 8.45 PM that evening to 5 AM on Wednesday. In several hours’ time the cold started to show its effect on the 200 passengers. Among them there were sick elderly persons and children that had just been released from hospitals. ‘I’ve permanently kept in touch with the train operator that kept telling me what was going on. At 1 AM she started telling me that it is cold and that the people are agitated. I also talked to the passengers. I could no longer stay put. Around 3 AM I decided to go after them,’ Viorel Spinu recounts. Meanwhile he had set up a crisis cell and had sent his subordinates in the train stations that had problems. It took him a while to throw into gear the old ARO vehicle that was also covered in snow. He called to his assistance a crew belonging to the Romnational Security Company located nearby. ‘I called them because they had different equipment. They had a powerful SUV, not like the one we have,’ Spinu explained. With four transports in two hours he managed to rescue 40 people. They were given hot tea and sandwiches.

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